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    RPG Delving RPG Project

    This is something of a remake, or rather, currently the duplication of several subsystems of Diablo 1. As further progress is made I hope to make it more and more like Diablo 1, as the replayability of that game was very good. The map currently makes use of randomized content, including, but...
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    4 Questions/Problems

    Right, so I've got a number of game-breaking problems, and can't make much more progress on my project without figuring these out: Problem #1: Here I have a neutral passive building, that I want any selected units to attack if you right-click on it. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the...
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    Adding destructibles to a group

    I have a map that spawns trees randomly when a condition is met. Later on I want the trees to be removed when the condition is met again, but I don't want any preset trees to be removed. Is it possible to add destructibles to a group as they are created, so that I can later delete all...
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    Help with Spell stacking

    edit: sorry, spoiler tags don't seem to work. Kinda long time since I've last used the world editor, but it's great to mess around with if you're bored or come up with a new idea. Do note that I suck at fixing leaks, so... yeah. Basically the map design is an open RPG, where almost...
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    Optimized map does not show up in WC3 (tft)

    I'm testing Vexorian's map optimizer, and noticed that I could not see the optimized map in warcraft 3, even though it shows up in the correct folder. Is there a setting in the optimizer that is causing it to do that?
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    Looking for a forum / contact information on Gem TD

    I've been looking for a forum/website or contact information for Gem Tower defense, by Bryan K (Bryvx UsWest). Please help, if you can.
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    Some problems I've got; help please?

    There's a problem with the current template: I always have to scroll sideways to view a thread (it's like this in all threads). I don't know if this is just me, or if it's like this for everyone. My screen resolution is 1280 X 1024 Skin/Template - Could we have another, darker template...
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    Question About

    When I upload maps, how do I have 2 options: Map File (browse) this is so I can find and upload my map. Category - such as rpg, tower defense, hero defense etc. However, when I uploaded my map, it says author "Unknown". How do I change this? Also, how do I leave a brief description of my...
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    Help with custom map feedback

    If I start making a warcraft map using the editor, and update it regularily, what is the best way to request feedback from those who play my map? I would also like to know the best way(s) they could contact me. Should I give out my email, or make my email visible in the F9 menu? Is there another...