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    terrain rating

    hey, i made a sunken ruins terrain map. tryed to make it a cinimatic, but messed that up big time. the terrain is still fine tho, take a look, rate me. sry i couldnt get a better res.
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    default string

    hey, in treetech requirements when i was testing, it said defaul string. how can i remove that?
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    sword attachment

    hey, i tryed to download the same modle as the one they have in the attachment tut. along with other one like it (there so cool) i think they were all called lame(sumthing) like lamebomb, lame03, stuff. when i extraced them (attempted to) it said they were blocked, so i tryed unblocking, and it...
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    importing modles help (yes, i did do a search first)

    hey, i imported 2 modles, the Fire Guardian, and the Heresiarch. i imported all the stuff, used the supplied pathes, and when i tested (i did restart the we) it said fatal error, abort application warcraft III world editor (or sumthing) then exitted. could sumone help me (mabey try importing...
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    Icon Competition

    I was thinking of having an icon compotition, to see all the wonderful work you gys out there are doing. (also, so i can copy/paste them into my map, jk) especialy invited members would be ruination, rad, master saji, agent paper, acehart, alexander. this isnt really official, and no...
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    auto cast

    is there a way to make an ability auto cast? im trying to make a tower where its attack is a spell (chain lightning) (costs zero manna) and i need to make it so it automaticly attacks (casts) do i use triggers, or is there an option in the obj. editor? also, what is the obj. maneger for?
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    loading page poll

    trigger help hey, i was wondering, can sum1 please help me with this trigger? timer trigger timer events: map initialation conditions: actions: Countdown Timer - Start unit_maker_timer[(Player number of Player 1 (Red))] as a Repeating timer that will expire in 20.00 seconds...
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    tutorial request: pathes

    heylo, i am requesting that a tutoriel be made for pathes. i know all pathes are different, but like for the name, put <your skin/icon/etc here> some of the things i am looking for are: 1. icons (already know, but others might not) 2. skins 3. modles 4. spells 5. loading screens...
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    back pack

    does anyone know how to make it so when a unit gets back pack (when you research it) the unit can actualy use backpack? do you need triggers? another question: does the gem (warcraft world editor) do anything exept add death animations? Pyromancer
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    You know your still adicted to warcraft when you...

    Hey guys. just browsing around the threads at the back of the list, when i found this: You know your addicted to warcraft when... i just thought that it would be cool to have a nother one. no copying from the forum over linked above! ps if it is related to the linked forum, whatever...
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    treetech requirements help

    i can't figure out whats wrong..... im making an altered meelee map, and i cant make almost any treetech reqirements. i have a bunch of custom units, i put em into human, and when i use the unit palette, they show up fine, but in the ob. editor, when i select treetech req., it shows blank in...
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    opening map

    hey, for somereason, i cant play (or test, or anything) a map im making. when i save, it says something about indexing nonarray vars, but when i looked at the vars, the were arrays. when i try to open it, it doesnt say anything like "fatal error bla bla bla", it just brings me back to the...
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    new icons

    icons hey, i just got paintshop pro v.8, and tried out making some icons. how an i doing?
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    save load problem

    ok, i got WE U, and i was making the save/load trigger using the sample they gave, but theirs a problem with the load trigger i think..... heres the functions: Events: Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing /load as A substring Conditions: Actions: Custom script: local...
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    loading screen

    ok, i need help making the loading screen for a map.... in the tutoriel, i got to where you import it, and somehow, they have this mdx file too. its the texture for the loading screen ig geuss, but where did they get it, and whats it for? more clearly stated: i can get the screen resized...
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    hey, im making a map, but wenever i play it, all sounds have abunch of echos to them. spells, voices (not the backround) but everything!!! help! Pyromancer
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    first icon

    ok, heres my first icon. dont have photo pro, or anything, i had to free hand it in paint.... just regular paint. 64 little sucky donts, thats what i had :banghead: any way, its for a reasearch called zorien fushion. zorien is the new version of gold in a space map i was thinking about, and this...
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    ok, the problem: i downloaded a cool skin, and i want to use it in my map. its in blp format, but.... when i import it, first i dont know what pathing to use, and second, how do i put it on a unit. the solution: psst, this is for you to fill out... another thing, i have an idea...
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    create an icon

    hey, i was wondering, i want to make an icon, but i cant find a programe thatl actualy let me draw it out, like well, in microsoft paint. i can find stuff thatl let me do effects, but not much else..... if you no any programs thatl let me do this, please tell me. or maby, do i have to draw it...
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    whats with umswe/we unlimited

    i have resently downloaded umswe and we unlimited, but whats the point? umswe is basicly just another welcome screen (i think, please say im wrong) and when i tried saving a map with it, one of my triggers almost got deleted (i canseled it) there is alittle more difference with we unlimited, but...