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    Flame - Fractal tool

    Flame Just a pretty neat tool that creates simple fractals. I'm not much of an artist, so I don't have anything to show lol. So here's a sample from the site :P
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    Suicidal classification

    Just wondering if there are any side effects to giving a unit the suicidal classification, like how the worker classification gives the icon on the bottom left, and prevents the unit from attacking if attacked. As far as I can tell, there aren't any, but just curious if there might've been...
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    Crit cancels buff placers?

    I'm trying to make a triggered splash damage, and am using frost arrows as a base with 0.01 duration for the damage detection, but it seems that when crit procs, it prevents the placing of the buff? Any ideas for work arounds?
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    Changing ability requirements

    I was wondering if there was a way to dynamically change the level requirement and level skip of an ability. I've tried using engineering upgrade to replace with a new ability with the required stats, but it seems that the replacing abilities will keep the stats of the original ability. As in...
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    Reincarnation detection

    Hey guys, I use this even to detect reincarnation Unit - Tauren Chieftain 0007 <gen>'s life becomes less than 0.00 It works fine except that the trigger fires 3 times. I've tried changing it to equal to but that makes it fire 6 times.... Right now I'm using a boolean flag so that it...
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    More Cliff Tiles

    Is it possible, with Newgen or otherwise, to get more than 2 cliff tiles? For example, if I had cityscape base, I'd have the tiled cliff and dirt cliff, is it possible for me to add an extra cliff tile like the grassy cliff from ashenvale?
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    Sliding and Trees

    So how exactly would I go about making a sliding unit, slide through other units, yet not slide through trees?
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    Does anyone know what program I can use to make GIFs?
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    Increasing unit stock

    As title says, is it possible to increase unit stock in a shop via triggers?
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    TD Nova TD

    Nova TD! + Maze together with your team to stop the creep from reaching the center. + 40 levels of creep spawn from the outside and run inwards. + Occasionally NOVA levels will come up. In this case, creep spawn on the inside and run outwards. + There are no flying waves. + Selling towers gives...
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    Other Zombie City Survival

    A very simple top down shooter that tasks you with cleansing each level of zombies and infected. Each level pits you against zombies bent on spreading the Z virus to the healthy civilian populous. Your hero (and up to 5 others), the saviour, muist kill every zombie and cure every infected...
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    Custom Order

    Is there a way to issue a custom order? Basically what i'm trying to do is, have a player owned mercenary camp sell units by itself. What i've done is used this trigger to show the order string that runs when a unit is sold: display Events Unit - A unit Sells a unit...
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    Aspect TD

    This is a new map that I've been working on for a few weeks now. It's a solo TD, but whether or not its going to be a race or survivor, is yet to be decided, since I haven't started triggering indepth yet. The whole premise of Aspect TD is in the choice of tower you wish to "unlock" via...
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    double hit

    I heard on the forums here that a simple way to make a "double hit" ability is to use orb of lightning and searing arrows. I tried it out, and it really does work. The problem is, the "second" hit doesn't do any damage? Anyone know how to solve this problem?
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    The Summoner Revolution

    This is just a small map that i made. Its simply another version of the "The Summoner/Super Summoner" maps. If you've never played any of those maps before, its basically a simplified AoS style map, where you choose a hero who can summon creep, which you use to push and ultimately destroy the...
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    Just a question

    This isn't really a problem but more of a question out of curiousity... If i set a heroes attack to "attack 2 only" when in game the attack data of the hero doesn't show up, but they are still able to attack. So I'm just wondering if this happens to other people or not.
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    detecting reincarnation

    Is it possible? I've tried using all the ability events, such as starts the effect of an ability, finishes casting an ability etc etc. but none of them pick it up. I've also tried using finishes reviving, but that didn't work either... Any ideas?
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    Changing between attack 1 and 2

    So I've got this problem... I need to change between attack 1 and 2, but things aren't working out for me. What I've done or tried to do, is use upgrades to change between the 2 attacks but it doesn't seem to work for me. What happens is, I have a hero whose attack is initially attack 1...
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    More then 1 build menu

    Is it possible to have more then 1 build menu on a unit? That is to say, a peasant, for example, would have the build menu for human structures, then another for Night Elf, another for Orc and so on. I've thought of using psuedo build menus with spell books and the item abilities "build tiny...
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    Terrain and buildability

    Is it possible to change the buildability of a certain tile? or make it so that a building is only buildable on unbuildable terrain?