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  1. Drakethos

    Weird P'town schools to distribute condoms

    PROVINCETOWN — Beginning in September, the Provincetown School Committee will allow any student — regardless of age — to ask for and receive a condom. The policy, initiated by the public school district's health advisory committee, was approved unanimously by four members of the school...
  2. Drakethos

    US News Jesus Statue Struck By Lightning, Destroyed

    MONROE, Ohio -- A six-story statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along Interstate 75 has been struck by lightning in a thunderstorm and the statue burned to the ground. The "King of Kings" statue has stood since 2004 at the evangelical Solid Rock Church along I-75 at Route 63 in Monroe...
  3. Drakethos

    [Video] The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

    This is a short film poking fun at horror films. It was done pretty well from a cinematic stand point.
  4. Drakethos

    Display Last Created Auto Increment ID

    Hello. I am working on a Social Networking site, that has threads and posts. What am trying to do, is get the ID of the post after it has been created and sent to the data base. I tried using SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID but am unable to return a usable value. I keep getting resource#4. After i get the...
  5. Drakethos

    [Drawing] Improved Character Concept

    Hello. I need someone who is good at character drawing, and who can improve my concept for a character I am using for my Game that I am working on, and quite possibly future characters. I have a concept already, which can be used, and modified, or if its preferred, it can be done from scratch...
  6. Drakethos

    Seeking Partner for Game Development

    [If this is not the appropriate forum to post this under, I apologize I wasn't sure the best place to put it. ] Hello, I am looking for someone who would be interested in joining me in the production of a game(s). Basicly, I have an interest in game development as a future career, and I've...
  7. Drakethos

    Name Modification Request

    I have recently decided to adopt a new internet alias to use that is more original and unused by anyone else allowing me to have my own unique alias for internet use on forums, games, etc. So I request my name be changed from Dargoth to Drakethos Thank you for your time.
  8. Drakethos

    [Novella ] The God Send Gun: The Opposite Side of the Barrel

    The Godsend Gun: The Opposite Side of the Barrel is a Novella that I wrote in a lined notebook, with 30 pages total. I am currently in the process of typing it up, and as this is not a simple type word for word, task, I have not finished it, (and keep procrastinating it as I wrote the story like...
  9. Drakethos

    3 Lyrics

    Here are 3 poems: lyrics in particuar that I have written, that are on my website. Fallen Apart: Take My Hand: These particular lyrics were inspired by hearing about a friends ' parent's torn apart marriage. How Hard Is It? (Get your mind out of the gutter!) These lyrics can be...
  10. Drakethos

    Hero-Unit Grouping Sytem

    I need a system for my hero frenzy map, in which X-amount of non hero units will be designated to a hero. Basicly, there will be a max of about 6 heroes and they will spawn/revive every so often. The heroes are like war generals and have 3 or 4 subunits that follow them around, replacement units...
  11. Drakethos

    Ghost Page Bug

    I have a website of my own. It uses a ftpserver go conect for editing. It has this strange error where the main page leads to the main page again in an extra directory. The site is when you press derrick's domain the directy becomes /derrick/index.html Then pressing...
  12. Drakethos

    [Request]Loading Screen

    I need a low file size loading for my hero frenzy. Something to do with the name here's the actual map, so you can get ideas or use screenshots its protected though.
  13. Drakethos

    Check if Building Upgraded

    What events and conditions would i use to determine whether or not a player upgraded their town hall. In my case i have a tavern, and it upgrades to 5 different races, and you pick one. But it cant be a periodic check, because i want to add a weather effect to the building if it is Nightelf tree...
  14. Drakethos

    3v3v3v3 Win trigger

    I have a map with 12 players and 4 teams. When i player looses his building, he looses all units and he gains sight of the whole map so he can watch. So i cant check to see if the player is there in the game. I need the easiest way to check which is the only surviving team. (Yes i searched and i...
  15. Drakethos

    Internet freedom is at risk of dying

    Big corporations have plans to make a change that would forever change the internet as we know it in 2012. The internet takes away so much attention away from TV and other media, with its growth and freedom. Big internet servers want to take away the freedom and control it by basically offering...
  16. Drakethos

    Spawn Units

    Im making a footman frenzy like map and i need help making a trigger that spawns units according to your race.
  17. Drakethos

    Other Hero Frenzy

    Its been awhile but im continuing progress on hero frenzy. My friend and I had this awesome idea for a map, that has never been done before (I think) It would be like Footman Frenzy. You would pick a hero, and a race. But heres where it gets interesting. Instead of normal units, you would spawn...
  18. Drakethos

    Cause Major Leaks

    Hey i had this idea of making a map called lag wars where you try to lag the other players to death. :D so what would be the best ways to cause leaking (on purpose) for selected players?
  19. Drakethos

    Dwarf model wont Work

    I made this dwarf model from Male Villager model. It looks fine in Wc3 Model Viewer, but when i try to load it in game WE crashes. Can someone please help me figure out the problem
  20. Drakethos

    Making Clan: [email protected]

    Recruiting for Clan: [email protected] I made a clan: Fratello del Tempesta - Italian for: Brothers of the Comming Storm The requirements are: You have to be a mapper. Meaning you can edit/make/terrain/etc. maps. Basicly you have to be able to contribute to clan projects some how. And testing...