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  1. Razalgrim

    Currently Untitled

    I'm sitting here, writing this in my office desk. It's cold. Screams outside. Wait. There. Shut the windows, shut out the screams. Not so cold now, not so cold... good. Stopped shaking. Good. I closed the door, put everything in front of it, chairs and coffee machine. I...
  2. Razalgrim

    So, am I screwed or what?

    So, a couple of days ago I decided to fiddle with one of my old maps and made quite a bit of progress with it. But! I tried opening the map this morning. Guess what? Yep, shit won't open... on WE or Newgen. When I try playing it, it doesn't show up on the map list. It says...
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  4. Razalgrim

    Cluster Rockets - Quick Question

    Hey guys. Anyway, I'm using Cluster Rockets as base for my Grenade Launcher skill. I set number of projectiles to 1, damage interval and effect duration to 0.25, and casting time to 0.25. Everything seems fine, but there's one problem. When I move my character before the projectile hits the...
  5. Razalgrim

    Random Scan

    It's a little too light, but that's the scanner's fault. Inspired by Darksiders. Comments please. :)
  6. Razalgrim

    Phantasy Star Zero No review yet, but the score's pretty good, if you ask me. So, is anyone here playing this? I really need friends to play online with. Free play is a real hassle; having to wait for match-ups with other...
  7. Razalgrim

    Spawn, Attack, Repeat.

    So it goes like this - Every 5 seconds, a unit spawns in a random point in region 1. After that they proceed to attack your character. My problem is that sometimes they don't attack your unit immediately after spawning. Right now I'm using "Order last created unit to attack character...
  8. Razalgrim

    Skill Events

    Can someone please explain the differences between: [Starts the effect of an ability] and [Begins casting an ability] as well as [Finishes casting an ability] and [Begins channeling an ability]? I've already looked up some guides for triggering. Sadly, none of the helped me out much...
  9. Razalgrim

    Range problems

    Assault Rifle Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Pulse Rifle Actions Set Caster = (Triggering unit) Set CasterLoc = (Position of Caster) Set Rifle_Offset = 0.00 For each...
  10. Razalgrim

    Translucent Units?

    How can I make a unit half-invisible? That is, I can only see the outline, but I can still click it. Like Mortred from DoTA, for example. Or the Warden hero from MooMoo. + Rep for your trubblez.
  11. Razalgrim

    Storm, Earth, and Fire

    I can't find the song on the Sound Editor. It IS there, right?
  12. Razalgrim

    Is this legal?

    Is it okay for a person to take some music from copyrighted material (a game, for example) and use it for his map if due credit is given? I don't wanna get sued, but I found some kickass music that I can use in my map. +Rep to the first person to give me a decent answer.
  13. Razalgrim

    WIP Quarantine

    Map Link: __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Fight through modern, highly-detailed environments as one of four* marines struggling to survive in a...
  14. Razalgrim

    Hero Glow?

    Hai guise, I have a quick question for you: How do I remove a unit's hero glow? Do i have to edit the model itself, or does it automatically disappear when you turn the hero model to a unit? (I'm currently on my brofist's laptop which doesn't have WC3, so i can't test and see for myself.) I'm...