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    Funny Picture Thread

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    Hoof Trimming Videos - Warning some Videos might be somewhat graphic because of infections and such... Proceed with Caution

    Of all the Hoof Trimming YouTubers I think I like Nate the Hoof Guy the best. He gives the most information and is so patient and thorough. His videos also seem to have the best Production values. The other YouTubers represented here are not bad I just like Nate the best at this moment :)
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    We just got a referral from the yakyak forums

    I have no idea what is posted on the YakYak forums (llamasoft forums) but we have a referral from there so that means someone posted a link to the site from there an anything about NUON there is a good thing. It is just five over two days so obviously it is not viral :) It is good thing though!
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    US News LA City Council to vote on initiative that would require hotels to give up empty rooms to the homeless

    What a horrible freaking idea! Nobody in there right mind if going to stay in a hotel if they cannot be sure it is going to be safe. Not all homeless people are bad but without a way to screen anyone or not be allowed to refuse it is a huge mistake. I would personally never stay in a Hotel...
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    The Scientology thread

    Scientology is all about making money and here is some inside info on how the Scientologists do there selling. Interesting stuff on how Hubbard and Scientology try to sell from an ex Sea Org member who was deep into it. The psychology of Scientology Sales :) Yes it is.
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    US News Upset over LGBTQ books, a Michigan town defunds its library in tax vote

    Cut off your nose to spite your face!
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    Meganoid for Atari VCS Coming Soon plus more games from the developer scheduled

    Good news for Atari VCS owners in that Indie Developer orangepixel is bringing his updated and enhanced game Meganoid to the Atari VCS. Really looking forward to the additional games promised for the Atari VCS by the developer and when you are talking Atari Fans they are a helluva lot more...
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    The Pope of Dope

    For great 2010 Justice!
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    Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

    I finally watched the full movie and even though the beginning was kind of slow it turned out to be a fun movie! Make to see it in the Theater if you can because it is visually spectacular!
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    Sakuraba... for great justice!
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    Funny Picture Thread

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    Rootless Destinations - one of our long time members YouTube channel is awesome!

    4:42 for the Sword in the Stone.
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    Report Organ decay halted, cell function restored in pigs after death

    Researchers have found that decay of tissues after death can be halted and cell functions restored based on early experiments in pigs that may eventually help increase the number of transplantable human organs. Sixty minutes after stopping the heart in the anesthetized animals, Yale researchers...
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    Latest sci fi film? No, you’ll find these bugs in your bed

    These are still in your bed LOL!
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    Funny Picture Thread