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  1. Chaos_Knight

    Moving Strikes( New Big Update Help )

    Okay, ive started to make a BIG update to my spell. library MovingStrike initializer Init requires Damage // +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ // | Moving Strikes - Created by Chaos_Knight. Requires a vJass preprocessor! | //...
  2. Chaos_Knight

    Strange Code Speaking..

    I sat here fixing my spell, i used used the function Damage_IsAttack() by Damage. But when i used it Jasshelper says "Cannot convert integer to boolean", on this code: private function Cons takes nothing returns boolean return IsUnitEnemy(GetTriggerUnit() ...
  3. Chaos_Knight

    Yup. GE FOR ME!

    I was thinking about starting with Galaxy Editors JASS( Dont know, is it C? ), and was wondering, is there a guide to all GE's JASS's natives? And functions( Like voids) Greetz //Chaos_Knight :thup:
  4. Chaos_Knight

    Patch Cant Update!

    Okay, for some days ago, i saw a thread on this site. It was about that you should install the SCII patches manual. Can someone find that thread for me? I cant find it.
  5. Chaos_Knight

    Install time?

    How long did it take to install your game?
  6. Chaos_Knight

    Bouncing Damage?

    Is it possible to make a bouncing Storm Bolt? Like i target and, then it jumps to next target and third? Thanks //Chaos_Knight
  7. Chaos_Knight

    WoW Launcher Failure

    When i got WoW i got happy and so on, but now after 4,5 months, something strange has happen. When i press my launcher button, the hourglass comes up and the after 1 second, it does nothing. Anyone had the same problem? The tell me how to solve it, i going mad at this. Thanks for your...
  8. Chaos_Knight

    The structy way..

    I was wondering what this does: struct Data unit u unit t real x real y integer whatever /* AnD MoRe */ They doesnt have values so, i assume they do: nothing. Dont understand the purpose of structs. Thanks for helping me out with this. //Chaos_Knight ;)
  9. Chaos_Knight

    Discussion Globlas? No?

    I started to think about this thing for some days ago. When you guys do spells for your own maps, do you use globals, or direct values? Same for the vJASS. Are you making your spells too complicated? Using methods and structs[What the hell.. :P]? When i do my spells, i peronally dont use...
  10. Chaos_Knight

    Oh My God. 51-53

    This should be an awsome tip for level 51s. Once you get Aletrac(dammit, cant spell it) Valley, go it, and win it. Then you get 75k exp. After that you will get about 10k based on your Kills/Deaths. A little hint. //Chaos_Knight :D
  11. Chaos_Knight


    Okay, i think this thread isnt allowed, but can someone be realy, REALY nice and give me a Beta Key? Cuz, i really love Starcraft, and it' so awsome. Thanks. //Chaos_Knight :eek:
  12. Chaos_Knight

    By Damage - Nothing

    When i just used Damage( By J4L ), i added it to my passive spell. But now it does nothing. :o i think this quite simple to solve, but i can't get why. :P library MovingStrike initializer Init requires Damage //...
  13. Chaos_Knight

    Library Redeclared: PUI

    When i save my map, it says Library Redeclared: PUI. Here is the code. And yes, when i save it, i check the lines above, ifits any unended librarys. //============================================================================== // PUI -- Perfect Unit Indexing by Cohadar -- v4.2...
  14. Chaos_Knight


    Okay, i was thinking of a suckinto spell. Like a knockback, but whole around. The spell sucks in every unit in range of the target point, and deals damage per second. Can someone help me? Yes, DotA players, i wanna create Engimas "Black Hole". //Chaos_Knight
  15. Chaos_Knight

    Using RtC

    I dont really know how to implent RtC. Can someone help me?
  16. Chaos_Knight

    Checking Owner

    How can i check the owner of the GetEnumUnit()? Cause mine code doesnt work. private function ExprFilter takes nothing returns boolean return IsUnitType(GetEnumUnit(), UNIT_TYPE_MAGIC_IMMUNE) ==false return GetOwningPlayer(GetEnumUnit()) != GetTriggerPlayer()...
  17. Chaos_Knight

    NO not Again!(Takes Damage)

    Is it possible to detect when a unit takes damage in Init function?
  18. Chaos_Knight

    jBoard Usage

    Okay, i just found the jBoard here. I fastly implented it, and i got the whole thing work. But i wanted to check Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5 and Player 6s kills. I was thinking GUI, so.. I didnt came up to anything. Does anyone have an idea how to make this...
  19. Chaos_Knight

    Using "Shaper's" Circle func

    How do i create a circle with the Shaper? //Chaos_Knight
  20. Chaos_Knight

    Struct and Methods( Quick Tutorial )

    Can someone tell me how to use Structs and/or Methods. I heard that they are very useful. //Chaos_Knight :cool: