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    A GUI MoveSystem by exilus4

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    me ulock stupid mod

    :banghead: using up,down,left,right keys to move it juz for test no release any beta version it will be more update soon
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    A new mode

    me locked this maps test it~u will like it:thup:
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    Test it if u like

    this is my frist person car system (FPCS) :D iam have a question..about DotA Allstars 6.67c Phantom Assasin skill number 3 .....have any GUI can make the unit hiden like PA? lv1 hide 25% lv2 hide 50% lv3 hide 75% lv4 hide 100% so some one can help me got GUI can make the unit hide like...
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    about WC4 Beta

    need some help here:D my game version is 1.24e for dota version in my wc3, but whn iam opn wc4.exe it detect my version and block it,iam cant get in wc4 y???some one help me?or me need to do is chg back version to 1.20???:(
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    about varribles

    set udg_Walk1 = false set udg_Walk2 = false set udg_Walk[1] = false set udg_Walk[2] = false this two varrible which beter?? udg_Walk[1] is it got some leak????some one help me plz
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    Question about abilitys

    i'm make a ability with my self trigger....juz one only...but my map got 12 player use this ability tigger ,it that make game lag or will make some bug come out?some one can help me?:D
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    Test for me FPS mode

    test my frit fps system any bug juz fix for me and send me back
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    about war3 model editor 1.07

    how could iam using war3 model editor change unit z height like Soliders v3.9? some one can help me?
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    about make unit facing 0 or 180 degress

    :banghead:is that posibble make a unit facing 0 or 180%?iam mean if instanly no need wait unit turn back one anyone can help me? srry for my bad english,iam do my best:thup:.
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    About how to check player lag or not

    a host type-checkping>>>>then show a multiboard give all people see all players ping<<< got this function???and one can help me? ] srry my bad english:thup:
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    Help me the GUI trackbles

    function Trig_TrackbleSetPlus_Actions takes nothing returns nothing call FogEnableOff( ) call FogMaskEnableOff( ) set udg_LocX[( R2I(udg_TrackbleIntegerPlus) + 1 )] = ( udg_LocX[( R2I(udg_TrackbleIntegerPlus) + 1 )] + 65.00 ) set udg_LocY[R2I(udg_TrackbleIntegerPlus)] = (...