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  1. sidove

    Logo Request (with prize for best one)

    This is now a competition :) Read through the rules carefully. The Logo must consist of the initials 'SG' or the text 'ScopD Gaming'. ______________________________________________________________ -Rules -...
  2. sidove

    Map and Fun Ideas

    Wassup TH! I am back from a half year of rest from modding :) Now I'm back to start modding again, and I thought some WC3 would do it. So what I need is your fun and good ideas for a Predator/Infected type map style game. Feel free to post any kind of idea. All posts will be looked on...
  3. sidove

    ASUS GamerOSD Record Crash

    So I have a EA5770 ASUS I think. And the ASUS GamerOSD and SmartDoctor followed with when i bought it. So I used the GamerOSD yesterday and recorded a little call of duty 4 gameplay and it worked fine, but today when I opened GamerOSD up, a wierd thing happens. I can record but when i stop...
  4. sidove

    Please Help With this pic

    So i have this logo of mine and i have a white background witch i want to replace with a black, but the problem is i do not know how, I use Paint.NET (Yes, It's a program and not online tool) and i do not understand how to replace the...
  5. sidove

    This is living..

    Ok I was thinking of an idea for a novel for my school project, so I'll write a short piece of what i have in mind. Please note that i am from Sweden and doing my best to make this understandable. This text is a text that have been my life and some parts are still... Enjoy. This is living To...
  6. sidove

    How do i do this?

    I have seen people doing this but don't know how: Replace the attack ability of a unit to your own.
  7. sidove

    Hero/Spell Request/Ideas Help

    Hi so maybe some people have seen my thread of what map idea will be the best if not here is it: and clearly you can see that The Hunter and The Prey have won. So my I'm requesting any spells that are NONE-LETHAL meaning they do not...
  8. sidove

    What map idea do you think is the best?

    Hi, and welcome to my "Witch map idea is the best?" thread. I have been away from the TH awhile now and was thinking of starting a new map, something new and fresh, but i need you here on TH to help me to decide witch one of these 3 map ideas is the best, you are welcome to post tweaks and...
  9. sidove

    Will Two Worlds work on Windows 7 64bit?

    Hi I bought the game Two Worlds a while ago and tried on my Windows XP 32bit and i could install it but my grapich card was shitty and now like 6 months later i am buying a Windows 7 64bit computer and i don't know if it will run on Windows 7. I have checked their webiste and it says it...
  10. sidove

    What is vJASS?

    Yes this is a maybe a nooby question but what is vJASS? I have just learned the basics of JASS and I'm trying to learn more by going to and look how some spells are created and structured. But like 80 - 70 % is in vJASS and i don't know what it is... Is it that the text is...
  11. sidove

    Newgen crashes when testing

    The Newgeneditor crashes when i press alt + F9 (testmap)! It says this program have ennoucred an error and needs to be shout down. The typcial error message, but when i press don't send the Newgeneditor doesn't shutdown it just stays there.. Please help! And ofc +rep for help
  12. sidove

    WIP The Last Hour

    I'm pleased to present to you my new project... The Last Hour. Concept You look at your team and give them the thumb up. They look at you and nod. The pilot drops you of in the city and you load your gun. The helicopter flies and leaves a big sound after it. You and your team...
  13. sidove

    What happend with Mailcity?

    So i had a account at @mailcity and what happend with the website? If it dissapeard, then how can i get back my account cause it hade important mail on it.
  14. sidove

    Aim Stance Trigger problem help

    Hi i made a spell that is soppoused to make the caster unable to move untill he fires his next shot (right-clicks(shot must be in 900 range). The shot have 10/20/30% to spread making it deal 50/100/150 damage to every unit around the point in 100/200/300 radius. The problem is that nothing ever...
  15. sidove

    Need Sniper/Rifleman hero ideas

    Hi I have run out of ideas... and really suck on ideas.. So I have this cool Sniper/Elite Rifleman hero and I'm asking you to come up with some creative juice, cuz as i said before i suck at it ... ;) Here is the model if it gives you more inspiration...
  16. sidove

    Special Effect doesn't show and need triggering help!

    Hey again! I have got an ability that should do like cast a smoke bomb on where the unit attacks and i don't know how to do that condition and also i have a special effect problem, the impact effect doesn't show when it touches the ground (cloud ability) and one last thing, is there a way to...
  17. sidove

    Rain of Arrows spell trigger help

    Hey i have a spell i want to do and it is called rain of arrows/arrow storm. What it does is a rain of arrows and it should look like this The problem is that i don't know how...
  18. sidove

    WIP The Dark Battles

    Hi everybody on the TH after I'm going to start with a new campain. The story of the campain is here: Siridon Missions So that was a little information about story so here is a little about the gameplay: Gameplay New!Units New!Leader Commands So what i need is someone that can make good...
  19. sidove

    Hero balance and spell idea thread! Give me your creative juice.

    Hi I've have a hero that i think is kind of imbalanced and I kinda suck at balancing heroes so is there anybody there who can help me balance him :)? If you don't like the spells of the hero then you are gladly welcome to leave comments, feedback and ideas. +rep for help and credits. Name...
  20. sidove

    Backstab problem again

    Hi I've got a back stab problem the player dosen't damage the target here's the code +rep for help. Blade Embrace Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Blade Embrace (Shadowmancer) Or - Any (Conditions) are...