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  1. jaybles169

    Distinguishing between Timers

    Is there a way to distinguish between multiple timers in a single trigger? I don't see any timer related conditions. In the Timer event it mentions using Event Response - Expiring Timer but I can't find it anywhere. I have about 8 repeating timers that I want to keep track of and it seems like...
  2. jaybles169

    Defense Hell Defense v1.0

    Hey guys. This is a map that I spent a greater portion of my sophomore year of college (600+ hours) making. I made it primarily because I loved the old school Hero Defense games, but none of them were ever balanced extensively and they had like 40 characters that had zero thought put into...
  3. jaybles169

    Wait or Wait (Game-Time)?

    Ran into an issue with this trigger and a couple other triggers that utilize a similar idea. This is intended to be a heal over time potion, healing x amount each second for 5 seconds, but sometimes they bug out and don't stop after 5 seconds, thus repeatedly healing a character for an...
  4. jaybles169

    Easy way to make this spell?

    So, I'm wondering if there is an easy way to make this spell or if there is one as a base already, because it's very simple. All I'm looking for is a targetable missile spell that does AOE upon impact. Any help would be awesome.
  5. jaybles169

    Mal'Gannis' Secret

    So this is my first shot at ever making camera triggers, and I came up with this goofy little thing. Figured I'd post it to see if I could get any laughs. It's actually placed in a TD I had started a while ago, so ignore all of the TD junk. FYI the camera triggers are only for Player 1. Let...
  6. jaybles169

    Spell Question

    Does this not work because both P1 Holy Light and P2 Holy Light (and P3) are based on the same spell, and the editor can't differentiate between them, even though they have different names/ID's? (Not work in a sense that it executes all 'if' statements no matter which spell is cast) I got it to...
  7. jaybles169

    Healing Trigger

    Why doesn't this trigger work? HolyLight Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to P1 Heal Actions Set TempPointMove[0] = (Position of (Triggering unit)) Unit - Create 1 Dummy for (Owner of...
  8. jaybles169

    Questions about timers/multiboards

    Is it possible to adjust where timer windows/multiboards show up on-screen? Also, if possible, how would one go about adding a timer to a multiboard?
  9. jaybles169

    WE crash

    How come when I try to open certain custom maps in the World Editor, it gives an error (usually Unit Data Missing) when it's almost done then the Editor crashes? EDIT: Is it some form of map protection?
  10. jaybles169

    Easy ally targeting systems?

    Is there any easy way to make a targeting system for allied hero's? In context it would be used for something like making it easier as a healer to target another player without having to click on them. Any ideas?
  11. jaybles169

    Leak Question

    LL to HR Events Unit - A unit enters LLspawn <gen> Conditions (Owner of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Player 12 (Brown) Actions Set Max_Hp = ((Integer((Max life of (Triggering unit)))) x NumberOfPlayers) Set Some_Unit = (Triggering unit)...
  12. jaybles169

    AI targeting

    Is there any easy way to make a computer unit target random or specific targets in a given area? Or do you have to somehow assign each potential target a variable and go from there?
  13. jaybles169

    Specific Hero items

    Is it possible to make it so an item is only buyable for certain heros and unbuyable for others? I tried making the desireable heros as a techtree requirement but it didn't work. Would I have to set up some triggers that just instantly remove the item and refund the gold? And of course put...
  14. jaybles169

    Making Units Cast Custom Spells

    How do you make enemy units cast custom spells (using GUI)? I've read the tut on the main page and I guess I couldn't get it to work. Does the unit just have to be given the ability in the object editor and then you order it to use a similar type of spell? If someone could post an example...
  15. jaybles169

    Hero Visibility

    Is there a way to change the visibility of a Hero so that it is not affected by cliffs/elevation? I could have swore I saw the option somewhere but I cannot, for the life of me, find out how to change it. Any help?