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  1. Yoww89

    Do returning a local leaks its handle?

    function Leak takes nothing returns unit local unit u = whatever return u //the function stops here so there's no point in adding a "set u = null", but does it leak? endfunction
  2. Yoww89

    Delay for Attack / Attack Orders

    Delay of Attack / Attack Orders Unlike many people think, setting both the unit's Animation Damage Point and Attack Cooldown Time to 0.000 won't make its attack instantly. The result will be even worse if we use the action Unit - Issue Order(Attack) Targeting A Unit I created this tread to...
  3. Yoww89

    Jass Filter function

    Can someone help me with this one from the start? What does it have to do with GetEnumUnit() and GetFilterUnit()? As I searched everywhere for some kind of tutorial and found nothing but discussions about its applications that I can't use to understand the basics of it.
  4. Yoww89

    Jass Actions x Conditions

    I just want someone to explain me why would use conditions instead of actions for the whole trigger be better, since conditions returns a boolean and actions return nothing? Wouldn't it be the same the opposite way? If all my code stand in the actions function and I insert no condition function?
  5. Yoww89

    Question for advanced users

    My map has a trigger that will run basicly every time a hero damages another unit making a dummy unit to add an effect to the Hero's attack. Which is better/faster: Option 1: Create a dummy for each run of the trigger adding an expiration timer to it. Option 2: Have one dummy created for...
  6. Yoww89

    Transparent Icon

    Does anyone has it? I always thought this was impossible of doing, but I just accidently find out that the Start Location is TRANSPARENT on most of it. I tried using Photoshop to make it fully transparent but failed. Can someone good at PS give it a try or at least try to teach me how to do it...
  7. Yoww89

    Howl of Terror Data - Max Units Problem

    If I set it to anything else than 0 it affects no unit at all. I just wanted it to affect 1 unit only (the closest). Is this another brilliant hardcoded ability from Blizzard or am I doing something wrong? (I know I can do it with triggers, a dummy unit and a very small area of effect. That's...
  8. Yoww89

    Do we need to nullify a local unit if it's going to get removed?

    I'm new to Jass. local unit u = GetLastCreatedUnit() set u = null<< ? call RemoveUnit( u )
  9. Yoww89

    Blue slowed effect on custom colored units

    Does anyone knows how spells like frost nova or frost arrows change the unit vertex coloring to that blueish and then return it to the unit's default color? Like if you have a custom red unit by changing it's tinting colors in object editor, when the slowed buff goes off the unit returns to...
  10. Yoww89

    Wait for condition and MUI

    My spell needs to wait for a specific buff to be aplied to the target unit so it can trigger it's effects. Since the wait for condition function needs a global variable and at the same time include a wait it's impossible to make it work if you have more than one instance going on. Unless your...
  11. Yoww89

    Why can't i see my profile picture in my posts?

    Pretty simple question :)
  12. Yoww89

    Trigger question

    Another simply and direct question: Which option is lighter (i mean in processing time or memory use or something like that) and witch is the more correct after all (if there's such thing :P) Option 1: Set MyItem = (Item carried by Hero of type MyItemType) Item - Set charges remaining in...
  13. Yoww89

    Do items leak?

    It's probaly a real stupid question, buuut anyways.. Like for example: Action Item - Set charges remaining in (Item carried by (Triggering Unit) of type MyItemType) to 1 Do i need to set (Item carried by (Triggering Unit) of type MyItemType) in a variable and them remove it? And...