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  1. Accname

    Weird Numbers-Square-Thingy

    Here is the code for TWV's weird number square thingy: (Java) public class WeirdNumberSquareThingy { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(new WeirdNumberSquareThingy(5)); /* Prints: [ 1 | 2 | 6 | 7 | 15] [ 3 | 5 | 8 | 14 | 16] [ 4 |...
  2. Accname

    Asus Laptop random Saturation changes

    Hello everybody! I got a really strange problem with my laptop lately. It happens rarely and completely randomly. Sometimes my screens colors become super oversaturated for a short period of time and then change back to normal. The change happens slowly over several seconds, it comes and goes...
  3. Accname

    Jump Charge Ability

    Hey guys, seriously working with the editor for the first time and I need a little bit of help with an ability I would like to create. It is similar to charge from the zealots, but instead of running really fast my unit would jump through the air towards the target unit. So it is auto-cast...
  4. Accname

    Desktop gets messed up

    Hi guys. I have a really annoying problem. I recently hooked up another monitor to my computer. I also switched the "order" of the monitors around a couple of times, deciding which one will show my desktop, etc. Now I only have 1 monitor connected at the moment, but ever since I had the second...
  5. Accname

    Great Video-Game music [Part 2]

    Hi folks, just felt like starting a new Thread. Here is a link to the previous one: Divine Divinity probably has the most beautiful background Music for a Fantasy RPG that I have ever experienced. Just listen: If you like...
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    Dungeon Masters

    Hi guys, I was recently digging through some old stuff and found this gem in one of my backup folders. Man, that was a nice map. Random Map generation and stuff. This is an RTS game where the player takes over the control of a dungeon master and his minions. You build your little dungeon...
  7. Accname

    Mouse Cursor while Holding Middle-Mouse-Button has translucent rectangle around it

    What the title says. When I hold down middle mouse button to scroll through the page there is a translucent rectangle (with a shadow even!) around the mouse cursor that appears. I tried to make a screenshot of the cursor but no matter what I try the screenshot will not show the cursor. DAMN...
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    Sometimes everything turns green...

    This time it was just the bars, sometimes the backgrounds change too: It happens completely randomly and goes away after refreshing the site.
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    What the hell is this?!? When I type in "@TheHelpe" a little popup box comes up and suggests "@TheHelperSux" wtf?! Heres a screenshot:
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    Cant post too quickly

    Hi. There is a system in place to fight spambots or even human spammers (if that still exists) that will not let you post 2 posts within 15 seconds of each other. I hit this limit numerous times and its driving me nuts. Cant we simply turn this off for members at a certain amount of likes /...
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    Can we remove that stupid green arrow in the bottom right corner?

    As the title says. That thing is annoying. Its huge and does not really serve any purpose.
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    [Java] Reinventing the Wheel

    Hi guys. This is just a collection of generic utility libraries which I wrote out of boredom. None of these are something completely new. They all do some kind of functionality for which there are already several established libraries. I just reinvented the wheel because I felt like it and it...
  13. Accname

    Malware found in ... my own program Oo ?

    Hi guys. I was working on a piece of software for work when suddenly my anti-virus program popped up to tell me about a malware detection. In my own program. More specifically in the .class file generated from my java source code. The .class file is generated by eclipse; I have no idea how...
  14. Accname

    GUI components planning help

    Hi guys. As you already know I am working on a GUI toolkit. I was thinking a lot about this the last couple of days and I have gotten far enough to have a working prototype. But before I continue my work I would like to talk about my approach and maybe some of you could point me in a better...
  15. Accname

    What does a good GUI toolkit need?

    Hi guys. I am toying around about writing my own GUI toolkit right now. Its quite fun and I enjoy it a lot up to this point. But then I realize, I actually dont know that much about many good GUI toolkits out there; I have hardly worked with more then 3 or so. So I am going to ask all of...
  16. Accname

    Posting messages is completely broken for some reason

    Hi guys. I dont know what is happening, but every time I edit this post of mine: More and more [ L E F T] tags suddenly appear in each line of text! (only within [ c o d e] tags) I dont know what the hell...
  17. Accname

    Accnames Marine Shooter

    Hi all, inspired by vypurs map I made this little shooter engine. Took me about 5 hours. Heres the controls: Rightclick = Shoot the equiped gun in direction of the mouse. You can shoot while moving. Move [Q] = Leftclick the position you want to move to. Pick up Item [R] = Leftclick the item...
  18. Accname

    How about removing Null-Pointers from programming languages?

    Hi there, I was having some thoughts on the design of programming languages. I got to the conclusion, that I really hate nullpointers. In my programs I usually try to create a subclass of a class which acts as a "null" reference; a class I use if the object is not really defined. Why do I do...
  19. Accname

    Multiple Inheritance in different Programming Languages

    Hi there. I am curious as to what would be the best way of implementing multiple inheritance in programming languages. I have made some thoughts about this topic and came up with the following solution. I would like to know what you guys think about it, what the problems would be with this and...
  20. Accname

    [Java] Anything-To-PNG File Converter

    Hi there. I was having a crazy idea recently. I was thinking how safe it would be to share files with each other over the internet by using the PNG-file format for encryption. If I take a piece of music, or a video, or software, or anything; and, instead of uploading it somewhere as is, I...