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  1. Fire-Wolf

    Item Level Requirement

    How exactly do I go about making an Item Level Requirement. As in when my hero picks up a Level 3 item, when he is Level 2 instead of equipping it as normal, it instead goes to your Inventory boxes? I think I could manage a system that just makes it so he cannot pick up the item at all unless he...
  2. Fire-Wolf

    Nature's Beauty

    Nature's Beauty Tyelor K. aka Fire-Wolf Natures's beauty is like a flower grown in spring's enlightening hour. More precious than diamonds, more valuable than gold, and of all these things, I choose you to hold. While it seems that the cold night, if nothing else gives us a fright. That we may...
  3. Fire-Wolf

    Guardians of the Earth

    Guardians of Earth Tyelor Klein My love for you Burns as the sun --and it is far far Brighter than anyone. Though in life things, they come and they go. But I am still sowing my --seeds to grow. Then I will know. But who really knows? I know now I rose To find no one-- But who am I to run...
  4. Fire-Wolf

    The First Chapter

    Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm clock screeched. A teenager's hand smacked the top of the alarm clock setting it on snooze. Ten minutes later it rang again. The boy opened his eyes. 7:10 am. He switched the alarm to off, and scratched his eyes. Through his blue curtains he could see small holes with...
  5. Fire-Wolf

    The Finite Struggle

    The Finite Struggle By Tyelor, aka Fire-Wolf All of us we simply try to be While we all float on infinite seas We try to comprehend what we see. But really we are mere bees. Ignorant to the world beyond Trying to carve our way along We inch forward out of our pond Only to shrivel as...
  6. Fire-Wolf

    Life Is What You Make It

    Life Is What You Make It By Tyelor Klein, aka Fire-Wolf Life is what you want, Yet always death doth haunt. We travel to achieve, While others may deceive, We must strive for our dreams, Lest we be forgotten as dust in the streams. While some can only think of now, Others can only...
  7. Fire-Wolf

    Hero Dialog Help [+Rep]

    Alright so I am planning on making an Rpg for Starcraft II similar to a Fallout game with a large open landscape, tons of guns, armor, skills, abilities, quests, monsters, ect. I have started creating the hero system and the stats dialog works perfect, however the more complicated skill dialog...
  8. Fire-Wolf

    Peace Wallpapers

    These wallpapers I made, they all took only a few minutes in gimp, and I'm using the third as my wallpaper. I think they look nice, let me know what you think. !!NEW!! !!NEW!!
  9. Fire-Wolf

    Some Wallpaper, and some extras.

    A collection of a few wallapers I've made in the past few days. All of them are done by me. I used Gimp, and i MIGHT take requests for things. You can use them for anything you want, but dont claim them as your own. I just thought I would share these to the world. Any feedback would be nice. I...
  10. Fire-Wolf

    Abstract Wall Papers

    These are pretty much my first attempt at anything real. Tell me if you like them, and give feedback. I'm currently using the second as my wallpaper ;) 1. 2. 3. 3 With Text. 4. [NEW] If you like them I might take requests, just say what colors, and stuff.
  11. Fire-Wolf

    RPG Cintio Orpg

    Cintio Orpg Made By, Fire-Wolf Story Line: In Progress Game: You start out in a small town called Erean, as either a male or female. This will change what your options are when choosing your next class at level 20. This game is mean't to be a long game, that you cant just get the best...
  12. Fire-Wolf

    Please Help Jugde This Terrain

    Hello I've been working on this terrain for a while now, and I need some critique on it. It was hard to do, and took alot of time, so I don't want it to go to waste. The area is part of my upcoming Orpg, Cintio Orpg. This area is in and around the small town Erean. Well enough talk here is the...
  13. Fire-Wolf

    vJass Help Syntax Error

    Ok I need some help with this. I'm making my first vJass spell. Its a basic one, it is just a chain lightning spell. And I'm only getting one syntax error. Here is the code: The syntax error is: set local group Targets = GetUnitsInRangeOfLocMatching(500.00, GetUnitLoc(Target[0])...
  14. Fire-Wolf

    In Need of Eyes

    Hello for my upcoming orpg, I need eye colors. All I want is the iris and pupil, I can add the borders, and disabled stuff so dont worry about that. I need these colors of iris's: -Brown -Blue -Green -Hazel -Amber -Red -Violet -Black I will give +rep to the creator, and will give...
  15. Fire-Wolf

    Need Some Idea's For a New Orpg

    Don't need anymore quests! I have enough for now. Hello, I am in need of some idea's for a medevil O(pen)rpg type map. I want this map to be very fun to play, and have as much replayability as possible. So I'm asking the community for advice, I have made rpg's in the past, but they wern't...
  16. Fire-Wolf

    Save/Load Not Saving/Loading Abilities

    Ok the title explains the problem, but i have yet to find the solution. I need to save abilities for my rpg, because what is an rpg without abilities? Im using AceHart's save/load system. When I save, it works fine. Then the next time i try to load, the abilities don't load. Everything else...
  17. Fire-Wolf

    Slide to Point Black Hole

    Ok in my game there is a wide open space that will be filled with planets and other spacey things. One of those happens to be a Black Hole. Now most black holes i have found are spells. I want a trigger that when a unit gets too close to a black hole it slowly starts to move towards it, and get...
  18. Fire-Wolf

    More Errors Nova Spell

    Ok now I have three errors 2 syntax 1 undeclared variable. 1. Syntax: local location udg_CasPosOffset[0] = PolarProjectionBJ(udg_CasPos, 400.00, udg_Real) 2. Syntax: i = i + 1 3. Undeclared Variable: call IssuePointOrderLocBJ( GetLastCreatedUnit(), "flamestrike", udg_CasPosOffest[i] )...
  19. Fire-Wolf

    Syntax Errors GetRandomInt

    Hello im just starting to learn jass, and im creating a code. Please tell me what keeps giving me this syntax error. +rep for all those who help. function DisplayRandInt takes nothing returns nothing local integer udq_Rand local force udg_Force set udg_Rand == GetRandomInt(0, 5)...
  20. Fire-Wolf

    Income or Harvest? You Decide

    As I am waiting for ban-lord I'm making this map so I can keep myself busy. Its a sort of civilization game only not. You start with a man and you build a log hut, the log hut contains various upgrades, ranging from farming to hunting. Then once you get hunting you can upgrade farming, and build...