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    Google Translate Beatbox

    I found this somewhere on the interwebz and you could change it too. go on google translator and make it german to german then put "pv pv zkpv zkpv pv zkpv zkpv bsch. bsch. bsch bsch bsch bsch pzpzpk pv pv pvzk pv pv pv pvvv" and translate then listen to the translator
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    How to create...

    How do you create an ability in the editor?
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    Can't Play Videos?

    I got Windows 7 and pretty much everything works except videos... like the sound works when I play one but the screen is just blank. Is there a fix for this or something? EDIT: Fixed it, all I had to do was download some video codec thingy. Can someone delete this thread?
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    How to make unit from scratch...?

    The data editor's so confusing... like if you create a unit, it's just blank. What are you supposed to do to actually make a unit...?
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    Spell Spike Trap

    GRAVEYARD THIS. This is actually a remake of some old spell I made, but the thread is old so I made a new one. MUI/MPI - MUI GUI/Jass/vJass - vJass Requirements Latest Jasshelper/JNGP Timer32 The picture doesn't really show the spell much, it just looks like the dude is using wind walk or...
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    Spell Is Not Working Correctly

    struct SpikeTrap //Configuration private static constant integer ABILITY_ID = 'A000' //The raw code of the spell, use Ctrl+D in the object editor to find it private static constant string TRAP_EFFECT = "Abilities\\Spells\\Orc\\SpikeBarrier\\SpikeBarrier.mdl" //The...
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    Lua Help

    ... //! i makechange(current, "aani", nil) ... It keeps saying I need 4 arguments, including level, and when I add level it says: I need 3 arguments, excluding level. What's wrong?
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    How fast is the move speed/second?

    As title says, how fast is the 522 move speed in one second?
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    Struct Arrays Problem

    How come when I use a variable for the size of an array in a struct, it throws a compile error? Etc. struct test private static integer arraysize = 12 private integer array anarray[.arraysize] endstruct
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    Spell Help

    When I cast it, it works, but the unit is still stunned and gets damaged until they die. I don't know what's wrong with it, but I'm guessing it's because I'm using T32 wrong? scope spell initializer onInit globals private integer ABILITY_ID = 'A000' private integer...
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    DLL's in Delphi?

    In Delphi, can you use DLL's? And if so, how do you use them?
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    Umm... GetLocalPlayer() Question

    If GetLocalPlayer() is used in call TriggerRegisterPlayerUnitEvent(trigger, player, event, boolexpr) Would it work and use all players?
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    C++ Resource Problems?

    I tried to compile a .cpp file, but there were errors in the resource file. What is wrong with it? #include "resource.h" IDR_MAINMENU MENU { POPUP "&File" { MENUITEM "E&xit", ID_FILE_EXIT } } The errors were: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant error...
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    Linked Lists?

    Are linked lists like arrays? And how do you use them in JASS? Sorry if this is the wrong section or something...
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    Icon Sword with Blue-ish Stuff

    Basically this is just a small sword with blue stuff around it. Nothing special. Made in Photoshop CS2... I posted it on THW too... Readme or whatever it's called is in the zip...
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    Units Get Damaged More Than Once

    In this spell, each unit gets damaged multiple times until they die. How come they don't get hit only once? scope SPELL initializer onInit globals private constant real radius = 500 //The range where units are affected private constant integer abilId = 'A000'...
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    Image Desyncs

    Will it desync if this is attempted? If so, is there anyway to make it work? //Trying to show an image to a player... function Test takes nothing returns nothing local image Test_Dummy = //Image stuff... call ShowImage(Test_Dummy, GetLocalPlayer() == Player(0)) call...
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    Static or Dynamic Dummies

    Imagine a spell, where there are six dummies with effects attached to them. Should they be dynamic, or static? If they can be static, how?
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    Icon Cutlass

    Cutlass Preview: I know it's really amateur-ish, but yeah anyway whatever... Paths: ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNCutlass.blp ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISBTNCutlass.blp Made in GIMP... Used Wc3 Image Extractor to covert to .blp's. (Trust me, it looked...
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    Arena Chamber Skirmish

    Chamber Skirmish I never really got far on a project nor a map, so I have no personal experience in things like those other maps. Well, I guess I wouldn't really lose anything, so let's get to the basics... Description: I have only thought of this so all that is done is . I have...