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  1. Tyrande_ma3x

    System Status

    ^ As far as I've read, it seems that Evasion gets "rounded" to the nearest possible number, for example: 18% -> 20% 13% -> 15% etc.
  2. Tyrande_ma3x

    System Status

    Just noticed that your Banish spell uses a Doom buff... Is this intentional or was left like that by mistake? EDIT: Btw, just wanted to tell you that I recently realized the power of all your resources. They're just amazing, gj. :)
  3. Tyrande_ma3x

    Wait in loops?

    Not possible otherwise. Besides, the normal PolledWait()/TriggerSleepAction() has a minimum wait value of around 0.20, so even if you specify to wait for 0.04 seconds, it won't wait for that short. The periodic trigger/timer is the most accurate.
  4. Tyrande_ma3x

    Periodic Events

    Okay, just wanted to inform myself. :P Btw, would it be possible to add multiple callback functions on one timer? Like: private function Init takes nothing returns nothing local timer tim = CreateTimer() local trigger trig = CreateTrigger() call...
  5. Tyrande_ma3x

    Periodic Events

    Since I'm at it, why is the need for a trigger event in there? Couldn't you use the callback function in the timer startup?
  6. Tyrande_ma3x

    Periodic Events

    ^ You can do this with an uninitialized timer?
  7. Tyrande_ma3x

    GetLocalPlayer + SetUnitVertexColor = desync?

    Silly me, wanted to type that but somehow I skipped the setting to 0. :nuts:
  8. Tyrande_ma3x

    GetLocalPlayer + SetUnitVertexColor = desync?

    > I don't know about calling it for one player, however. You mean it should be better to do something like: local integer r = 255 local integer g = 255 // blabla if GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(cast) then call SetUnitVertexColor(fir, r, g, 255, 255)...
  9. Tyrande_ma3x

    GetLocalPlayer + SetUnitVertexColor = desync?

    Would this cause a desync? (I know there aren't any handles but still...) if GetLocalPlayer() == GetOwningPlayer(cast) then call SetUnitVertexColor(fir, 0, 0, 255, 255) endif
  10. Tyrande_ma3x

    System Unit Indexer

    Hell no, not another one... You people should start making indexing systems for personal use, not public. Btw, the registering interface is bad in my opinion. It would be more user friendly as a simple function call (it should get inlined anyway) instead of the current struct usage.
  11. Tyrande_ma3x

    AIDS or AutoIndex?

    AutoIndex can use a hashtable instead of UnitUserData and thus they won't interfere with each other. Speaking of popularity, now I see that you're a system maker so, yeah, it has been said above - AutoIndex is more popular at and AIDS is popular here. As a sys maker you'll have to make...
  12. Tyrande_ma3x

    AIDS or AutoIndex?

    Systems should not be chosen by their popularity among some websites but by their usefulness to you. If you feel AIDS is what you need, go ahead and use AIDS. The same applies for the other sys.
  13. Tyrande_ma3x

    AIDS or AutoIndex?

    AutoIndex + AutoEvents They should be pretty well documented and basically that's all you would need! :thup:
  14. Tyrande_ma3x

    Discussion N-Dimensional Arrays, Useful?

    There aren't many situations where you would need more than a 2d array (even a 3d one)...
  15. Tyrande_ma3x

    Custom Multiplayer: Tangent Games??

    Just search for GetLocalPlayer() anywhere in your triggers (check every line of code). If you have it, post the specific trigger which contains it here.
  16. Tyrande_ma3x

    System Evolving/Devolving Unit

    It took me quite a while to figure out what you meant by "evolving" and "devolving" but after seeing your example it became clear... Neat idea, will probably test it if I have free time.
  17. Tyrande_ma3x

    Global Struct Arrays are Illegal?

    Put your global block below your struct or use keyword: private keyword UnitData globals private UnitData array UserData endglobals
  18. Tyrande_ma3x

    Moar questions about 'this'

    You can always try that (your first question) but I'm wondering whether or not it should be typecasted to integer. Something like: call BJDebugMsg(I2S(integer(this)))
  19. Tyrande_ma3x

    No more DotA( But Yes )

    If you're interested in the model, you can find it here:
  20. Tyrande_ma3x

    AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released

    > Look at every DotA Hero, and see if Hunter's Prey is there. You really think I haven't played enough dota? Look down for Fervor.