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  1. Chocobo

    Critical, Hardened Skin, Orb of Lightning/Slow high proc rate bugged?

    Are those abilities bugged when close to 97% proc rate? (80-97) I'd like to have more data on it from other users. Just run the map and try a proc rate on each type of skill. Then post a screenshot. "-test 1000" (to make a dataset of...
  2. Chocobo

    Defense Fate/Heaven (test version soon)

    Fate/Heaven is a sort of defence game, where you defend a tower (the Holy Grail). The game is entirely flexible to players, ranging from difficulty 0 to 10 (with the difficulty 10+ being the hardest mode and almost impossible to beat with a small team or the second strike) with 10 heroes (so...
  3. Chocobo

    Picture Motion Browser

    Is there a way to install those additional features ? - 動画の必要な部分の切り出し (video trimming) - 動画から静止画の切り出し (capturing still images from videos) (original version) (english version)...
  4. Chocobo

    Graphs (2)

    <only for people who uses graphic calculators, since my script is using an "interface" almost like the ones in these calculators : Lists and variables> Originally from there : And here ...
  5. Chocobo

    Graphic Calculator

    When I looked this I was saying to myself "is this even possible on that?" ryHYO7HP9p8 After looking the script that is used it seems to use sort of checkpoints in 2 lists so it can determinate a parametric equation of degree n (from 2 to 7) which seems to be very flexible (at degree 2...
  6. Chocobo

    Disable Test Map (Ctrl+F9)

    Is there a way to disable Test Map? 1. I don't want to click it by mistake (read 2.) 2. when I click it I need wait 10-12 min for my map to save (for my cpu it's a mega big map, for a recent cpu it's only 30s) 3. when I click it usually all my imported files are corrupted (full of 0 bytes...
  7. Chocobo


    I'm trying to create a system (for myself xd) so instead of putting the parametric equation of the graph (that's too long to parse it), I put some checkpoints (that makes a graph closes to what I want). however, it seems to not to work correctly, it also doesn't show anything. globals...
  8. Chocobo

    Random Generating Images / Random Effects

    Are there any (free) programs that cover one of these categories? (random image making / random effect making)
  9. Chocobo

    System Damage Test

    Allows to run a clear Damage Test on the following points : Critical Strike, Evasion, Hardened Skin, Orb of Slow. Which is of course, useless for a map. But in allows to you to see some bugs on these spells, except for Evasion (which does really what it is supposed to do unless you put a...
  10. Chocobo

    The impossible colour inverting?

    I'd like to have warcraft 3 colours entirely inverted. such as that : However modifing the whole interface is (hardly) possible, I'm wondering if there would be an easier way. The only things I can't get rid of is Health bars and Mana bars, which are always green and blue (applies to the...
  11. Chocobo

    Skinpack Custom Interface (Red/Blue/Greyscaled)

    A custom interface. no, two custom interface. One red and one blue, based on the human interface. Looks stupid, but it looks good and ugly at the same time. note: screenshots are taken using wc3 with all lowest quality, fps is horrible (about 40 fps for only a small battle with nothing around)...
  12. Chocobo

    Floating Texts (my computer or a bug?)

    I'm wondering why sometimes there are numbers that "eats" the next number or making gaps. example : There in the number "378960", "9" is on the number "6" (and "6" on "0" maybe). 85497, "9" on "7". A gap between the 1st "6" and "3". (looks 296 36 for me). wondering...
  13. Chocobo

    Quests and "}"

    How to make quests accept the sign "}"? For instance, you have the following quest info (that's stupid to write that but it's only an example) : Median of {4,5,6,7} is 5.5? And in game you will see : Median of {4,5,6,7 but I want to see Median of {4,5,6,7} is 5.5? How to make quests...
  14. Chocobo

    Trigger Thread Crashing

    What are the possible ways to crash a thread in a trigger except by: - dividing by 0 (I assume it works?) - custom script "return" (Skip Remaining Actions...) knowing almost all possibilities would give me a way to fix one trigger that wouldn't run anymore after some time (usually after...
  15. Chocobo

    Charge Gold/Lumber + Requirement bug?

    I have a problem on giving/removing a requirement to Charge Gold and Lumber. I have 1 upgrade called "Counter +1" that costs 3g and has the requirement to have the dummy unit "Upgrade - Counter Maxed" alive (the dummy unit is created at map init). For each (Integer A) from 1 to 10, do...
  16. Chocobo

    Icon UI Cooldown Icon

    Used in Fate/Heaven. Allows to clearly see cooldown of spells. Looks same as ; requires it (also). Paths were to import files : UI\Feedback\Cooldown\cooldown.blp (this is the essential part of this thread)...
  17. Chocobo

    Requesting (simplest) damage cancel

    I'm requesting a simple way to cancel damage (with damage event). ex : footman (100 hp) takes 200 dmg -> footman block -> footman remains 100 hp My current try is a set of 100 "local" triggers which allows to block 100 times in a very short time, but it appears to bug when I come at...
  18. Chocobo

    Ghost Texture

    Is it possible to make a ghost texture? In case you don't want to see what I want, here 2 screenshots : from (Warcraft 3 can use it) : to (Warcraft 3 can't use it) :
  19. Chocobo

    (Channel bug) Possible or not?

    all in spoilers. In case you want read the full thread, read here In case you know how that came, please give us advices about that (happens frequently to me for having that?) Having ROC icon possible but TFT icon also possible? Treant icon bug in profile Clanless + TFT icon? Clanless +...
  20. Chocobo

    No Move/Hold Position Icons

    Is there a way to remove the Move/Hold Position icons (for a unit that can move) without removing all abilities at same time (Ward classification)? tries : - Remove 'Amov' : removed move/hold position but removed also the capacity to move - Add Ward classification : cleaned up all abilities...