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  1. kingbdogz

    Buttons for new theme:

    Hello everyone, I saw in the New Theme thread that Ghan needed some buttons for the Starcraft section. So I got to work on some simple buttons. They aren't perfect but I hope they are good enough to be used as a placeholder. Check them out and give me as much feedback as possible: New Thread...
  2. kingbdogz

    My Balance Changes:

    My Balance Changes: Need Feedback Please! Hey guys, at the moment I think Zerg is extremely weak. Protoss are not too bad in terms of balance but still need a few tweaks here and there. However, Terrans are the worst. In my opinion they have just been mindlessly buffed ever since patch 10 and...
  3. kingbdogz

    Anyone here up for a game?

    I've been in the beta for a while but apart from Cleeezzz and Sevion I haven't really played anyone else from Is anyone up for a game? I don't mind if it's competitive or simply for fun, either way is fine :) Thanks in advanced! EDIT: To avoid spambots, it'd probably be wise to...
  4. kingbdogz

    Data editor is really powerful.

    So I've been playing around with the data editor for a while. It is pretty complicated at first but when you get used to it's bloody awesome. For one example, you can change the scale of a model by XYZ coordinates. I've changed the model of the drone for Y to 6.0, and it actually stretches the...
  5. kingbdogz

    WIP Warcraft V: The Kings Quest

    Warcraft V: The Kings Quest (APRIL FOOLS) Eternal Designs presents their latest project... "Lich King, fall thou shall, but relive what is desired... what is old" With the Warcraft IV - The Edge of Eternity project we felt that the ending (where the Zerg came tumbling from the...
  6. kingbdogz

    Starcraft II Modification: Dark Protoss Visual Add-on

    Welcome to the first Starcraft II modification on The Helper. While this is quite a small mod compared to some we are bound to see, it is still worthy of use. The modification basically replaces all the original Protoss skins with ones that fit the Dark Protoss scheme shown on the Stalkers, Void...
  7. kingbdogz

    Aiming at a Computer related career...

    Hey guys I saw The-Shadows thread and it really got me thinking. I've always known that I wanted to do a computer related job, but the more I read in on the challenges you need to face it becomes a little scary. I am only 14 so I have plenty of time to focus on what I need done, but my main...
  8. kingbdogz

    New Command & Conquer 4 Trailer

    The trailer is finally here! See this epic trailer now: Link: I must say, I didn't like EA's attempt at CnC3, but this is looking quite good. Post your thoughts guys!
  9. kingbdogz

    Request an ICON Here!

    Hello everyone, I know mods aren't very fond of people making request threads, but I really need the practice for Icon making, and with a wide range of requests to make, I will be able to get plenty of practice. If you would like to request an Icon, please do it in this Format. Remember, I...
  10. kingbdogz

    Many New Screenshots, New Models!

    Recently, PlayXP and Gamemeca, two Korean sites, got a chance to test play StarCraft II. While they were playing they managed to take screenshots of the game and have fortunetly posted them. The screenshots showcase a lot of the art changes that Blizzard has done on the Zerg. In addition, the...
  11. kingbdogz

    New, Leaked Models

    Some new models have been made for the Queen and Zerg Spawning Pool. Here are the comparisons with the right side of the images being the new models. Spawning Pool: Queen: Enjoy! If you have no already heard, the Swarm Guardian has been replaced with a beefier air assault...
  12. kingbdogz

    The Swarm Rising - A Starcraft Fan Fic (Critique Needed)

    Hello everyone here is a quick short story I wrote I just wanted some critique. This is my first attempt at a short story, but still give me all critique you can so I can see what I need to improve. Thanks in advanced! Chapter 1: The Birth of Fear As Kerrigan strode towards the large...
  13. kingbdogz

    Guardian Replaced with Brood Lord.

    In the current build the Swarm Guardian has been replaced with a new unit called the Brood Lord, this will basically be the same unit mechanic wise, but it will have a way beefier health and attack, and best of all a fresh new model. It still has the Swarm Guardians ability (Which is spawn 1...
  14. kingbdogz

    Q&A Batch 50!

    A while ago, Blizzard released Batch 50! Karune has answered a few questions regarding varied issues. He has given us some great pictures and shown some of the new Replay UI. Source:
  15. kingbdogz 2.0 has Arrived! Beta Opt in!

    Recently has got a huge overhaul and is now being named as 2.0. As the website says, all original accounts will be transfered and used over a single " account". This account will work like a Blizzard Account, in which all your games will be stored and played under...
  16. kingbdogz

    Cavez on Battlereport #2, Mothership, and more!

    Recently Cavez has posted and answered several questions regarding Zerg eggs, Infestor underground traversing, the Mothership, and the up coming Battlereport #2. Source: The biggest news is that Battlereport #2 will feature a match of Terran vs Zerg, and with the new mechanics...
  17. kingbdogz

    Win Beta Keys - Blizzard Theme Park Contest

    Recently Blizzard released a new contest called Blizzard Theme Park. According to the information we have, you are required to create a Blizzard Theme Park design and the best designer wins. Here is the post made by the Sc2 Community Manager Karune: Source:
  18. kingbdogz

    Q&A Batch 49! HUGE Information.

    Recently Blizzard has released the recent Q&A Batch 49. The Batch includes pictures which show the art changes done to various StarCraft II units as well as the latest artwork of the Infestor. Also included are the descriptions of some of the macromanagement mechanics that Blizzard has been...
  19. kingbdogz

    Battle Cruiser Gameplay - ESL Finals 2009 Paris

    Recently, Starcraft Legacy has got hold of a video which showcases Battlecruisers in action from the ESL Finals 09 in Paris. I also notice a few things like the BC portrait has been remade, the Interceptors look like they have a new model, and Hellions have a better attack projectile. Here is...
  20. kingbdogz

    Cavez on Battlereport #2 and Rallying

    Recently Cavez answered some questions about the upcoming Battlereport #2 and Rallying: Source: Source: Source: I really hope it is Zerg, I mean PvP would be alright, but to see the spectacular Zerg graphics in HD would be awesome. The Bunker...