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    Changing map in multiplayer?

    Hey. Have some quick questions. Going to make an RPG for more then one player. However, i wanna be able to change map for e.g dungeons etc. I know this is possible for singplayer(Founding of Durotar etc) Is it possible to do it in multiplayer without people getting kicked, or ending up in 4...
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    Remove/add glow on heroes?

    Hi. Been pretty inactive on this site for a while, but are now back in the saddle again and are currently working on a pretty big RPG project. However i got some issue i don't seem to find a way around at this moment. Q: When adding units and heroes i noticed that Heroes have a glow around...
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    Custom Unit's - Marine with Shield

    Hey. Been a WC3 mapper/moder for several years, but now i follow the tech and advances into Starcraft II editor. The first thing i noticed is that it is a huge difference in how to create/modify units. Imo it's not that very logic anymore. A unit need so many different files/data instead of...
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    A Re-used variable. Will it leak?

    I've always been careful with variables & specialeffects. Always removing them. First because i most often don't want the special effect to stay. The second is of course to save memory. Question: Will a variable(point) leak if i use it many times? For an example. Unit X casts an ability...
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    Forum Malfunction?

    Anyone else experience errors on the forums? When i try to open some threads i just gets a blank window and my webbrowser says nothing. (Mozilla, also tried with IE & Opera)
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    Make hero not-move able temporarely?

    . . ******** *SOLVED* ******** Some of my spells have a "cast time" due to animations etc. During this moment i will make the player not able to move the hero for 1 second or similiar. My first idéa was Locust, but it will be annoying to the gameplay if the hero get's de-selected everytime...
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    Spell bugs...?

    . . SOLVED I've made a spell. I want the Hero spell to be nothing, and do nothing. I'm doing the rest with triggers and dummy units. I've removed all art i can find in the Hero spell, but when i cast it on a target it still show "Art - Special" on the target unit. I've tried to give "Art -...
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    Spells malfunction...?

    ---------- |-Solved-| ---------- I've tried to make my own spell with fancy effects etc. The effects works fine. But i can't get 2 things to work. 1: The dummyunit made for actually casting the "spell" doesn't casts it. The spell is made from Undead/Deathcoil spell with custom...
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    Item levels & Custom MPQ's

    Two simple questions... 1: I've looked through the Gamplay Constans and lot's of settings in the MapEditor, but can't find a way to increase maxlevel on items. I would like to have higher MaxLvl on my items then 8. ( Would save alot of triggering ) 2: When i make my...
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    Custom Hero Ability Error

    I've tried to make a ability that gives the unit a buff during 10 seconds. First i used the Avatar ability as template and changed all stats and etc. But somehow i didn't get the Hero (Captain Swordman) to raise he's shield. I changed all art. And used the "Defend" skill/animation instead. Also...