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    need help with multiboard

    so my muiltiboard is set up like this Multiboard - Create a multiboard with 8 columns and ((Number of players in (All players matching (((Matching player) controller) Equal to User))) + 5) rows, titled The Battle for Teld... as u can see it depends on how many players are in the game here is...
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    item system request (recipies and owner of item)

    im after a item system that has the features to disable the item if u are not the owner of the item. but not all items some players can have another players items e.g items that drop on death, potions (a player may want to help his ally out by giving him a potion ) im after a recipie system...
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    ability suggestions for this hero please

    ok iv got an hero using a spell called blades of the dammed what it does is gives the ability to swap batween 2 different blades (Burning Blades and Enchanted Blades) when using burning blades the hero will have bonus damage but lose heath on attacks when using Enchanted Blades the hero will...
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    Staking spells how to make?

    how would i go about creating a spell that increases the heros attack speed depending on the % of hit points it has left also how would i create a spell that is based off cold arrows but the movment speed decrease stacks also a burning spell that burns a target over time and it stacks if...
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    questions about item with charges

    how would i be able to make this item Soul orb every unit killed the orb will gain souls each soul increases damage by 5 max souls you can get is 10 on death you lose all the souls the thing is i want the amount of souls the orb has to be displayed as charges e.g the orb has 8 souls there...
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    how to create this spawning syatem?

    how would i make this spawning system there are 2 lanes that the units spawn and run down the amount of units depends on how many players there are there are waves and levels each level has 5 waves and on the last wave there is a boss(for both lanes) the next level wont start untill...
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    after some ideas for special events in my map

    so im creating this hero siege map and im after some special events so that its not just watching your hero hack away at waves of creeps over and over then after some waves you fight a boss. what could be some special events to keep the game interesting
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    editing a spell to work properly

    ok iv got this spell that creates a shadow and attacks the owner of the shaddow the only this is i dunno how to make it so that the shadow is uncontrollable so i tryed adding locust turns out you cant add locust by triggers :( how would i go about making it so you cant controll the shadows...
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    little question about mui

    ok i know how to make gui mui spells but instant ones with triggers are mui streat away because they are instant. but is it still mui for e.g i use temp point for spell x and use temp point for spell y or do i need dif temp points for each spell
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    item recipies???

    ok iv seen maps where u can buy an item that makes a recipie evan if ur inventory is full what is done to make this happen? say the recipie needs claws and guantlet and the recipie item to make bla bla and your hero currently has mana potion/hp potion/shield/boots/claws/guantlet(so its...
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    need hero ideas

    im currently creating a hero siege and in the need for some hero ideas the hero siege needs team work so there are hero classes like tank,healer,caster,dps, ect.....ect the heros have a starting spell that is very basic that doesent get leveled up. Evrey hero has at least one aura or...
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    ability that changes ranged unit to melee?

    i want a skill that changes the attack from ranged to melee then back i got no idea on how to do this like the first abilty the troll has in dota LINK its for a troll hero in my map The Troll starts off as a ranged hero and when he uses War Axes it changes him to a melee hero and adds...
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    how to make this hero

    how would i go about making Maliken from Heros of Newerth Link - Maliken also any suggestions for what moddel to use Sword Throw Throws sword in target direction, damaging enemies in radius for 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 Magic damage. Any enemies hit by the sword have 20 / 30 / 40 / 50%...
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    Muiltiboard - updating players gold??

    i have created my muilti bored but what do i use for a trigger to update the players gold amount on the muiltiboard what event would i use condition Set Gold_amount[1(blah blah blah for each player)]= players current gold multiboard - set the text in colum x row x = Gold_amount
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    need hero abilty suggestions

    i have some heros with a few spells but missing there last spells and some missing a few any suggestions for these i need an ulti and another abillity for my mountian giant Mountian giant - plays as a realy tough tank -rock smash - smashes rocks on a target area damaging and stunning the...
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    need help with hero siege triggers

    (something) Hero Siege So im interested in making a hero siege map and i am in need of some help of making it. first off any map name suggestions Multiboard what do you recommend to add to the muiltiboard so far i have -players hero icon -players gold -players kills -players lives...
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    need help with orbiting effect for my spell

    ok well im trying to make a spell for my cinematic where units(my effect) are created around the caster and they orbit around the caster. but what is happaning after the units are created they just all go to the one spot. what do i have to do so that the units rotate around the caster and...
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    Taking spell requests

    hey all i would like to start creating some simple spells for use.please keep the spells simple as for im sort of only begining to create spells. these spells will be created in GUI and they will be MUI make your requests REQUEST STATUS Requested-0% -Chaos_Knight - no name - 0% -...
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    how to terrain an orc town???

    i am making a cinmatic where humans invade an orc town the thin is i dont know how to terrain the orc town as in what buildings to use what tile set and trees and so on where can i get some good models to create an orc town also any tips please on this will be very help full and any...
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    how to make ursa's overpower skill??

    i know how to get the 400% attack speed bonus but how do i remove the 400% attack speed after x amount of attack and have the skill MUI or at least MPI for those that dont play dota the skill adds 400% attack damge for a sertan amount of attacks also it only lasts 15 seconds