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    help! need to remove damage stacking from my triggered lightning shield

    I made a custom ability using triggers which appears to put lightning shield on a unit, damaging enemies of the caster but not the actual target. I have to trigger this because i want it to deal damage every 0.1 second. Also i don't want the target unit to suffer, only the surrounding enemy...
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    Why is my Locust unit selectable?

    I made a custom Inferno ability but without the Infernal summon. I replaced the Infernal with a dummy unit. The dummy unit has the model of the special effect that i want (Earthquake). I gave it Locust and Invulnerable. Only problem is I can select it even if it's Locust..Anyone knows why and...
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    Leap problem with Windwalk & Storm Crow Form

    I made a Leap ability based from abilities with no target and does not interrupt orders and has 0 casting time. (Fan of Knives, Wind Walk, Berserk, etc.) It moves the caster x units towards facing direction every fraction of a second for y seconds. Crow form is added and removed to perform the...