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    Need some back up in jaSS

    I have this code that keeps returning expected end of line and expected variable names can any one maybe run this and help a newbie out its a spell for a fireball. //TESH.scrollpos=0 //TESH.alwaysfold=0 globals trigger fire_ball_damage_und_effect trigger gg_trg_fire_ball = null trigger...
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    Need help with expected errors

    JassCraft says the syntax is fine but when trying to enable it in WE Trigger file i made called main it gives me expected errors up and down. globals unit udg_Kisame=null location udg_point=null group udg_group=null effect udg_Effect=null soundtype udg_Effect2=null unit...
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    Raikiri Spell JASS help and more :(

    hey everyone i am very new here and i want to map and code for war3 frozen throne just needed a little help with spells so this one is for kakashi and i wanted him to lighting bolt a target and instantly move to him with thunder clap so far he fires a lighting bolt and thunder claps but stops...