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    APC pickup victory

    so i need to make it so that civilians are rescued and go into a vehicle an that vehicle takes them back to a circle of power (or region) and once the unts are ejected in the circle of power they are "rescued" and after a 20 people saved you win :( also after 20 people die you lose any...
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    creeps spawn from building and APC victory

    I'm trying to figure out how to make it so creeps spawn from one particular building, for example in the War chasers map where the creeps kept spawning after you killed one in till you you destroyed the building there spawning from. also in my map i would also want to make it so that you can...
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    sniper rifle zoom?

    Hello I'm making a map where you kill zombies and I have a question for my sniper, Is there a way I can make an ability that stops the characters movement and makes them stay still in till they deactivate the ability? -any thing will help thanks! :thup: ghostsick P.S I'm not that good...
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    rescuable units

    how do make it so when a hero/unit breaks down a gate he unlocks more units to help him, like in the campaign anything will help thanks :D
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    fail on hero death?

    how do i make it so that when the hero dies the game ends with a failure one more thing how do you make it so after you kill a curtain unit the game ends with a win anything will help thanks :thup: