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    Disabling/enabling attacks from an unit

    Hello, How can I disable one attack and enable another attack for a unit temporarily? Or alternatively force it to use the second attack over the first attack for a limited duration. Thanks in advance.
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    Increasing max health by percentage?

    As the title says; Is there any upgrade, ability, trigger or some other way to increase unit's maximum health by percentage?
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    Ability for adding hero glow

    I was under the impression that removing the targets allowed would also cause the glow to not appear. Thanks for helping me out once again!
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    Ability for adding hero glow

    Hello, I'm giving some non-hero units a hero glow following this tutorial, but I can't find an ability without any side-effects. If I attach the model to "tornado slow aura" the unit will have a buff no matter what, and if I use the "life regeneration aura" a healing sound is played whenever...
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    Recoloring a model

    Hi, I'm sure there is a guide about this, but I just couldn't find anything. Anyway, I'm trying to recolor immolation model, but it only has grey textures. Where does it get its color, and how can I change it? Thanks in advance.
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    Loops / periodics

    Thanks. Now my only problem is to make it MUI.. Note that is just a test trigger, my real spell is way too long and complicated to put here (the structure is basically the same though). Anyways, the messages shows only once because of the GetTriggerUnit. How can I make it show multiple times...
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    Loops / periodics

    Hello, I'm trying to convert couple of my spells into jass to make them mui. However I'm a total jass noob so I ran into this problem. I have a trigger that detects when the spell is casts, and another that runs periodically (every 0.07 sec). My problem is that I don't know how to combine...
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    Map crashes when loading

    Hello, Today I tried to test one of my old projects, but the map crashes when loading. This happens when the load bar is about at 80-90%, it seems to be loading something for a long time and then it wc3 pops up a fatal error. Can anyone help me with this? What does the game load at the...
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    How to detect a click on item?

    Well that's the problem - I don't know the order. When I created a trigger to show a message of every order ID, the double-click-ID was exactly the same as when I manually click the item and then target it to ground.
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    How to detect a click on item?

    Hello, How can I detect when an usable item is targeted to the item itself, like when you double-click some inventory button in numpad? I tried to detect the order ID, but it was exactly same as when you target the item's spell to ground. Thanks in advance.
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    Detecting if targeted unit of issued order is an item?

    Maybe I'm just blind, but I can't seem to find a condition to check if the target object of an issued order was an item.
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    Something wrong with map boundary

    Hello, I can place units to up or right of my map's the playable map area, but not to down or left. I know this doesn't make much sense, so I drew a picture. Section A is map area. Sections B and C are boundary (doesn't matter if it is set in scenario-tab or with terrain-editor's "apply...
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    Order id for goblin mines?

    Thanks Weep, I found out the ID with that.
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    Order id for goblin mines?

    It would have helped if you told I need jass for this, instead of me trying to find a gui function to show the id. If I knew any jass, I most likely would have posted to the jass help section.
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    Order id for goblin mines?

    How? "Conversion - Convert order to string" returned just an empty string, and I didn't find the order integer value in the integer conversions..
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    Order id for goblin mines?

    What is the order id for "item place goblin land mine"? And more importantly, is there a list of those orders somewhere?
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    Bugged sliding trigger

    Already tried, and it causes more problems than it solves. Not to mention that I would have to rewrite 36 triggers, which would probably cause even more bugs..
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    Bugged sliding trigger

    Whenever two heroes overlap each other while sliding, they both start going extremely fast. I have seen this happen in many maps with sliding, and now my sliding is bugged too. Basically when the heroes are at about the same location, sliding towards the same point they will start going like...
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    Metamorphosis + playing animations

    Uh.. You mean like "play animation alternate attack"?