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    SC2 and WC3 ?

    What is the difference betwween Starcraft's and wacraft's ? Ive never played any of the starcraft series I think i might buy SC2 though it sounds good from my point of view
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    x,y of centre region ?

    I know local real x=GetUnitX(myUnit) local real y=GetUnitY(myUnit) Is units x + y How do i get the x + y of the centre of a region?
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    Units turned to Heroes

    Well i saved my map all things were units Then i opened it up the next day and all my units had turned to hereoes over night ? It seems impossible to me but it happened ? Has anyone ever experienced this ?
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    Mortar Auto Fire Trigger Not Working

    Well why doesnt this trigger work ? Mortar 360 Attack Events Time - Every 0.50 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set MortarGroup = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching unit)) Equal to Mortar Team)) Unit Group - Pick...
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    Camera trouble

    Well im making a card game but the players hand [ card display ] is facing diagonal all pointing to the centre But i cant get the right triggers to make it. But i want each players camera facing towards the centre from there hand. So could someone help me come up with a trigger or formula...
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    Constantly displaying messages while in region?

    Wel i want it to constantly display messages to a player while hes in a region But not like You are in region 1 You are in region 1 You are in region 1 You are in region 1 You are in region 1 More like You are in region 1 [ Now i leave it stops displaying them ] You just left...
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    How to clean up this messy jass

    if ( Trig_Bank_Init_Func001Func001C() ) thenfunction Trig_Bank_Init_Func001Func001C takes nothing returns boolean if ( not ( ConvertedPlayer(GetForLoopIndexA()) == GetTriggerPlayer() ) ) then return false endif return true endfunction What does if ( not ( blah blah ==...
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    SFX and local leaks

    Ive seen this before how do i do create and destroy a SFX in 1 action and do i still have to do call RemoveLocation ( udg_P ) to remove a local point P ?
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    How to get the x,y of a untis position

    Like my question said How can i get the unts x.,y [ well a global unit variable ]
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    Egg Model

    Is there any warcraft 3 model which looks like a normal white egg. Like a chicken egg , i realy need one . If not would i have to make one myself? Ive already checked THW
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    Making map with rivers trouble

    Well im making a 256 x 256 map . but i need to cover the whole terrain with raised grass Is thee a quicker way of doing so ?
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    Camera settings

    Does anybody know of good camera settings like first person mode is there a particular setting used only for 1st person? And the same for 3rd person is there any particular settings needed?
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    Itemi n hero inventory or not?

    Ok im making a special map and i need to figure out how can i know if a unit is holding any item but in a specific spot . If any one could help me id be very greatful and you can help me test my new map . :D
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    Object ID

    Well for my new map : I need to copy units or else it will take forever How do i change the Object ID once ive copied the unit? Im using newgen if that helps ?
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    For Loop A Remove

    Is this correct to remove Unit_Start[array] ? call RemoveLocation ( udg_Unit_Start[bj_forLoopAIndex] ) Like the bj_forLoopAIndex is that the correct way to remove it using Loop A ?
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    Laptop for warcraft 3

    Whats a good laptop for playing warcraft 3 on? My budget is under £800 My computer wont even play it now im screwed Ive tried everything I realy need to find a good laptop If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
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    TFT Trouble

    Well i recently had my computer wiped [ many reasons ] So i reinstalled warcraft 3 RoC every map works fine Install TFT and i cannot save / open / edit TFT Maps As i look at the TFT maps it has a white blank page icon next to it and when i try to download maps i cannot save them in...
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    item trouble

    How can i make it so you can only have 1 of a specific item at a time e,g, im using like id cards in my map and you can only have 1 at a certain time How would i stop people from buying 2 at the shop or getting 2 from creep drops?
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    i cannot use structs

    well i was reading a tut about structs so i copied this but i cannot understand how to use structs , and the structname.create is sopposed to b brown but its jsut white like normal heres a screen shot struct structname unit caster endstruct function funcname takes...
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    school choices

    Im realy confused now its this time in life you gotta decide what to take ... well im realy into this whole computer programing thing [ c++ , java and jass ] Well ....... Learning lol. [ But im liking learning it ] what should i take as my choices ? Please help me im realy stuck as what to...