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  1. sqrage

    Dota 2 - Who is your favorite hero?

    I'd say my favorite is either Spirit Breaker, Leoric, Bloodseeker or Morphling. How bout you guys?
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    US News U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn't Protecting Occupy Protesters' Rights

    WASHINGTON -- The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded -- sometimes violently -- by local...
  3. sqrage

    US News Senate Rejects Amendment Banning Indefinite Detention

    Today, the Senate voted 38-60 to reject an important amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would have removed harmful provisions authorizing the U.S. military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians, including American citizens, anywhere in the world...
  4. sqrage

    US News Pregnant Seattle protester miscarries after being kicked, pepper sprayed

    A woman who was pepper sprayed during during a raid on Occupy Seattle last week is blaming police after she miscarried Sunday. Jennifer Fox, 19, told The Stranger that she had been with the Occupy protests since they started in Westlake Park. She said she was homeless and three months...
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    Occupy Wallstreet Live Stream In case anyone is interested.
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    US News Surprise, Homeland Security Coordinates #OWS Crackdowns

    Remember when people were freaking out over the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and all this other conveniently ready-to-go post-9/11 police state stuff, because it would obviously be just a matter of time before the whole apparatus was turned against non-Muslim Americans when they started...
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    Tattoo Concept Artist?

    I'm looking for someone to do a concept of a tattoo I want to get. I'll give you more info if you're interested but it'll be an outter space type thing. I'd be willing to pay depending on how much you'd ask for and how impressed I am. Let me see previous work if you're interested please. :)...
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    Amazing Beatboxing Comedy
  9. sqrage

    US Police

    Does anyone else not seriously think WTF? when seeing pictures like these of US a PROTEST? People are leaving their houses in anguish over the government and they're being faced with this. Wtf kind of democracy is that? I don't see how all of America hasn't realized how ridiculous this...
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    [OccupyTimesSquare] 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops Nice to see him standing up and the appreciation he gets at the end.
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    Windows 7 black/blank login screen

    I was having this issue and it was driving me crazy. After swapping my motherboard for a new one and reinstalling Windows 7 off a fresh format, the Windows login page would appear as a blank black screen with the mouse cursor on it and nothing more. I was able to login if I just typed my...
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    Upgrading a Mac...?

    My friend wants to upgrade his Mac Pro from 3gb. It currently has 3 1gb sticks. Does that mean it only runs triple channel? If so why does the motherboard have 4 DIMMs? Can the motherboard run 3 2gb sticks and 1 1gb stick for a total of 7gb? God Macs are strange...
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    Mouse without borders This is pretty cool. I think it'd be great to see it built into future operating systems through bluetooth perhaps, to make filesharing simpler and more intuitive.
  14. sqrage

    Mari0 (Super Mario combined with Portal, real game) Looks pretty cool.
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    Technology Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

    Here is the just released letter from Steve Jobs: *** PRESS RELEASE: Letter from Steve Jobs August 24, 2011–
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    Name 3 Germans lol
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    Sci/Tech British Police Duped by LulzSec Into Arresting the Wrong Guy

    Earlier today the blogosphere lit up with news that "Topiary" a key hacker from Anonymous and LulzSec was arrested. Topiary, along with "Sabu", was viewed as a LulzSec "chief", instrumental in orchestrating the group's many sophisticated attacks. But all may not be as it seems. I. The Arrest...
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    Improv Everywhere Experiment 8 So awesome... I love NYC.
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    World New Zealands Three Strikes Law was Pushed, Bought and Paid for by the US – Wikileaks

    The slow trickle of leaked diplomatic cables from Wikileaks may not be in the headlines as much as it was when it started, but revelations keep pouring out of the website. Recently, new diplomatic cables published on the site revealed just how, not only influential the US was, but just how much...
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    Sci/Tech Google+ Hits 10 Million Users: Should Facebook Freak Out?

    In just two weeks, Google+ has reached the 10 million user mark. For a tech company so used to losing the social media game, this could be its moment. Those numbers look like peanuts compared to Facebook's 750 million users, many of whom check in every day. But the site is expected to double in...