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  1. Bogrim

    Questions about replacing units

    When you replace a unit with the action, Unit - Replace (Triggering unit) with a Footman using The old unit's relative life and mana Does this reset which Unit Groups the unit is in? Also, does replacing a unit reset the Handle ID used by Hashtables?
  2. Bogrim

    Is it possible to get a summoned unit's remaining time?

    I have a spell that temporarily steals an enemy unit. For summoned units, I wish to pause the expiration timer and resume it once the spell is over. Stopping the expiration timer is the simple part, but resuming it from the moment it was currently at is a bit more difficult. Is there a way to...
  3. Bogrim

    Iconpack Bogrim's Evergrowing Icons Collection

    These are some of the icons I made for my map and WoW that I've decided to share with you. Credit is not necessary but appreciated. However, please do not claim the icons as your own as it is my artwork. New icons added (7/6/10): New Icons added (29/10/10): New Icons added...
  4. Bogrim

    Can anyone explain me Point Value and Priority?

    I never really understood what effect those fields have in the game.
  5. Bogrim

    System Easy GUI Wave Spawn System

    This is an easy-to-implement spawn system which allows a great deal of customization in wave spawns by using hashtables as a double array indexing system to determine unit types and level of difficulty. It is entirely GUI and no Jass knowledge is required to create triggers with the system...
  6. Bogrim

    World Editor crashes

    My WE (standard) crashes whenever I try to pick an ability for the GUI action, Save Handle Of Ability as Value of Value in (Last created hashtable) Is this a known bug or is there some kind of fix?
  7. Bogrim

    Ward Classification

    The Ward classification hides the interface. I wish to abuse this to no end. However, is it possible to add the ward classification with triggers? Say I want a unit's interface to be disabled temporarily (in relation to a spell effect).
  8. Bogrim

    Aura Problem

    I'm making an ability which transforms the hero into a temporary form which deals 40% increased attack damage. For the transformation I'm using Chemical Rage. For the attack damage increase, I'm using War Drums set to "self, vulnerable, invulnerable". Now here's my problem: The hero isn't...
  9. Bogrim

    How to create MUI loops with waits in GUI

    This tutorial covers how to make loops work with waits and multi-unit instances (MUI). It's a frequent problem for GUI triggers. Before I begin on this tutorial, let's reflect on what can cause a trigger to not work in multiple instances: The variables in your trigger are used by other...
  10. Bogrim

    Change Time of Day OrderID

    I'm trying to make a dummy unit cast a unit ability based on the "Change Time Of Day" ability. As with most item abilities, there is no order string and giving the ability an order string still does not permit me to order a unit through triggers to use the ability. I read that you can issue...
  11. Bogrim

    This trigger lags

    My triggered ability creates a shield which heals the next 2/4/6 damage sources from enemy player units. But each time the shield triggers, the game freezes for a small moment (like 0.1 seconds). The way the trigger functions is that it checks for which buff the unit currently has, using...
  12. Bogrim

    Centralizing Floating Texts

    One of the things that bother me about using Floating Texts is that I can't figure out a way to centralize them. For example: For each individual text I can only guess how much I have to set the X position off in order to make it appear as it if was in center. Does anyone know if a better...
  13. Bogrim

    Ability vs Trigger Range

    I'm toying with a trigger that causes x amount of damage to units in 300.00 range of temp_point (target point of ability being cast), while creating a dummy unit with an aura with the same exact range. The dummy unit has no collusion size and has flying movement to avoid it being misplaced by...
  14. Bogrim

    Why does my loop die on me?

    This isn't the first time I've encountered this problem. I use game text messages to track how far the loop goes. In this game, the loop seems to stop at random times which ruins the spell itself. Ability Earthquake begin Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability...
  15. Bogrim

    Local Unit Groups?

    Hi, I have been looking under every brick and stone, but haven't been able to find the help I need for my spell triggers. I am using the normal GUI for my spell triggers and use various custom scripts to fill in the void of my lacking jass knowledge. Using Custom Scripts I've been able to...