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  1. Nenad

    The Secret World - Beta Weekend #4

    Been a long time, been busy and lots of other stuff, so lets get right to the point: If anyone hasn't heard, TSW is an upcoming MMORPG from Funcom that has gotten good reviews and learned from their mistakes from AoC and AO and are looking for a decent launch...
  2. Nenad

    Need a Gaming Monitor

    My monitor has outlived it's purpose and is dying (it has problems starting up, peeps like crazy and gets weird flickering.) I need a new, decent gaming monitor. The size doesn't matter, as long as it's 23 inches or more. The price range is up to 350$, although i could probably spare another...
  3. Nenad

    Sci/Tech WiFi may damage sperm quality: Study

    Pretty much my thoughts. Or, even better, sit with it for the entire day. Free contraceptive. XD
  4. Nenad

    Sci/Tech Norway hit by major data-theft attack.

    Erm, i didn't even know we had a Defense industry. Gas, Oil and whatnot i can understand, but Norway is like...neutrality. Gaining on Switzerland here xD
  5. Nenad

    Will more RAM improve my gaming performance?

    2gb of DDR2 RAM is about 20e (30$), so it's less expensive than anything else you could buy. Might i suggest plugging in a 250 GTS card in for about 80 e (110$) if you have that to spare, i have one and so far i hadn't had problems running anything on ultra high that i wanted to (SC 2 included)...
  6. Nenad

    Begginer looking for level cap help I'll never get tired linking to my own small tutorial xD ...even though it's 6 years old now 0.o
  7. Nenad


    import; import; import; import; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.ArrayList; public class Search{ public static ArrayList position(String...
  8. Nenad

    Diablo III Facebook updates.

    Well, it's not as wishy washy as some blizzard explanations, especially regarding WoW lore xD . The soulstones are made from the worldstone, Izual tells you that he was the one who told the prime evils about the soulstones and how to corrupt sanctuary. Without the soulstone they can no longer...
  9. Nenad

    Major Update: Followers

    I never really payed much attention to the followers in D2. Even though they were good I liked that my character was the one killing and not an add. I think these are nice for singleplayer and for new players who aren't that good, but it is definite that i won't use them even there. Also that...
  10. Nenad

    Excited about the DIII pvp system ?

    They already said that pvp is going to be 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. If you don't want allies go for the 1v1. This was discussed at length before, and nothing was decided. Someone from blizz said that there may be fights against lower level players, but they were unsure yet. I think their first focus...
  11. Nenad

    D3 Beta this fall

    If the beta is released this year and the internal testing has already begun, we can expect the game at the latest Q1 2012 (calendar year). I would want to remind you that "this fall" is incorrect, since the beta is targeted for Q3 2011 (calendar) which is July 1st - September 30th. Fall...
  12. Nenad

    Student Vs. Homework

    That was pretty awesome xD
  13. Nenad

    Funny Picture Thread

    Sorry, it's not enough said about it. You need to learn not to repost like this, especially if you don't know what you're talking about. Here you go so a kid can understand it Somehow this annoys the hell out of me, just realize...
  14. Nenad

    Funny Picture Thread

    Seems to me you don't know basic maths, 48*12/2 is 288, it can't be 2 and where the hell did you get such a troll from anyway, the only people who can be confused with the problem are people who have no knowledge of mathematics whatsoever. And undead dragon had pointed out already the flaw in...
  15. Nenad

    Xbox install feature and borrowing disks.

    So, i recently got to try and play fable 2 again only to notice that the disk had suffered from the vertically challenged scratches (a nice little circular pattern). Now my disk fails to load up sometimes (not always) or freezes. Did some polishing and it helped loading, but with the new install...
  16. Nenad

    Diablo III Facebook updates.

    This would be awesome, although i don't see the problem with going AFK. Just go afk away from the city center or something, imo this event should be such that the guards can do fine on their own but if the player joins in he can get loot/exp/gold and stuff + complete a quest ^^ . I can even...
  17. Nenad

    General Stranger Catches Toddler Falling From 4th-Floor Balcony

    If you read the article i assume they are talking about the people who were watching the kid. I'm not familiar with the law in Florida but this probably sparked the social services for child negligence.
  18. Nenad

    Diablo 3 Updates! A short summary of all the character classes and abilities so far, just keeping the thread alive. Hopefully in may we hear about the beta! X) P.S Noticed a lot of weapons use weapon % as their damage determining step, kinda nice...
  19. Nenad

    Java [Constructor Problem]

    public class GCircle extends Gobject implements GScalable, GFillable { private double radius; public GCircle(double x) { super(x,x); radius = x/2; } public double getRadius() { return this.radius; } public void setRadius(double x) { this.radius = x/2; } } Edit: FIXED. Extended GOval...
  20. Nenad

    Java [Constructor Problem]

    Been a while since i asked for help (mostly cause I was doing well), but now I've run into a problem. This is what I'm supposed to do: As you may have noticed I need to use an extension program called ACM, of which the libraries are found here: Link.. That being said I'm having a serious...