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  1. Whitesock

    New Remix, Katy Perry E.T. Hardstyle Remix Let me know what you think!
  2. Whitesock

    Ruins + Jersey Design

    Painting I did for one of my classes. About 5-6 hours in photoshop. Wish I could have started it in color, but we were required to paint in grayscale and then color it for some stupid reason. Second one is a jersey design I did for the Ultimate Frisbee team here at VCU. Don't know if it will...
  3. Whitesock

    Journey (new song, not about the band) Enjoy! This is a new genre for me production-wise so let me know if I can improve on anything. :)
  4. Whitesock

    Salamander- W/S; New House Track

    Gave it a Hardwell- "Cobra" type vibe. Was fun to make! Lot of interesting EQ and sidechaining to get the bass and kick to work together. Would love critique!
  5. Whitesock

    Quick Orchestral Trance Track

    New one I whipped up today while trying new things out. Enjoy!
  6. Whitesock

    When Love Takes Over Remix (by me!)

    Check it out! :D Been a while since I finished a track. Tried a new LCR mixdown theory which was interesting and worked pretty well. Let me know what you think!
  7. Whitesock

    One of the Best Mashups I've Heard Go listen to this. It's free to download (legally) and super awesome. Madeon is an amazing producer and artist that uses FL studio (or at least he did when he swept both of their remix contests!). I'd like to hear what you guys...
  8. Whitesock

    DotA 2 Dreamhack Finals! (spoilers!)

    Anyone else watch it? BIG UPSET! mTw takes out NaVi in a crazy last 2 games! Stream peaked at about 75k views and made it onto Sweden's national TV. I'm glad DotA 2 is getting the coverage it needs. :D
  9. Whitesock

    DotA 2 Coaching!

    Here is your stop for DotA 2 coaching. We have several coaches available and if you would like some one-on-one coaching or even if you have questions you want answered here is the place. Those of you coming from reddit: If you would be so kind to create an account here and then use that to...
  10. Whitesock

    "Destiny Learns Protoss"

    Probably some of the funniest stream vids I have seen in a while :) The ones with minigun on skype are hilarious! That's his channel, you can find them on the list (they're like a few days old I think).
  11. Whitesock

    1/2 AP Art Portfolio: Concentration

    Hey everyone! I've been mad busy working on this AP art portfolio and I finally uploaded half of it to the web for you all to see. This is the concentration portion of my portfolio which required all of the pieces to be of a certain theme. I had to completely change my theme a week before the...
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    Sig Contest Voting Poll!

    Vote for your favorite signature! Everyone is free to vote, so make sure you do! Theme: EXPLOSIONS (of any kind :)) Pineapple ------- jonadrian619 ------- undeadorcjerk ------- Nigerianrulz ------- RangerX Thank you for everyone who participated! <3
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    Enjoy! From scratch.
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    Smudge to the max! :cool:
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    This one was really fun (and quite easy to do I might add)! Enjoy!
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    New one from me. Enjoy!
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    It's Just Swag

    Enjoy. I think I enjoy making these more than my actual work I need to do. oh well. :P
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    Enjoy! Click the sig to go to the flickr page.