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  1. Dtere

    RAM speed?

    Also, CL or CAS Latency is how many clock cycles it takes for CAS assertion to start of initial transfer. As you can notice the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 atm is very slim. The speed of DDR3 is increased, but so has the CL. After manufacturing practices get better (for DDR3), you'll...
  2. Dtere

    Transfering data via Lan

    Make sure all computers are on the same workgroup, same IP address subdomain(such as computer A =, computer B is 192.168.1.x), all firewalls are turned off, use cabled connections to the router. Using your hard drive for other uses while this is happening will obviously slow down...
  3. Dtere

    PC becomes non-responsive when started

    Movable parts are the only thing that can technically ruin a computer. So... where do you have movable parts in a computer - HDD and fans. The only other thing that can ruin a computer is too much heat for a continuous amount of time. So, the question would be, does your computer hang...
  4. Dtere

    Moved wc3 reinstalling and moving back are not an option

    I'm confused, is this a question? When you install games they put values into the register to run the game itself... such as video, audio etc. By moving the game and not changing the register values, you essentially void those values. Unless the game can automatically create new ones once...
  5. Dtere

    Crime Angry Teacher Rips Student’s Cheek Off

    The sad part is this is the only types of stories you hear from China. This is all the United States government will ever allow us access to. The fact is, after meeting quite a few Chinese people (from homeland China), this country is not that bad... and United States citizens should not be...
  6. Dtere

    US News Scientists eye unusual swarm of Yellowstone quakes

    Sigh, i live 50 miles from here...
  7. Dtere

    Sci/Tech Physicists find a new state of matter in a 'transistor'

    Neat story, but that sounds very expensive to mass produce in any form. Cooling any type of material to that temperature takes a lot of specialized equipment. Plus the magnets... Still, a neat subject.
  8. Dtere

    Report Pope criticises pursuit of wealth

    Was thinking the exact same thing before i read your post ;)
  9. Dtere

    Yet another hosting problem with WC3

    I did not say to permanently stay in DMZ, i suggested it to bypass the router firewall to see if that was causing the hosting issue.
  10. Dtere

    Starcraft lag

    Most likely the wireless connection is either losing packets or not a good enough signal. If you have the option to use wired connection, always do so for gaming. For regular internet use it's not a big deal.
  11. Dtere

    Internal Hard Drive Help

    Also did you partition the hard-drive first? Did SMART detect any errors with the hard-drive?
  12. Dtere

    Yet another hosting problem with WC3

    Try either making your computer the DMZ host, or connecting directly to the modem, this will tell us where your problem lies. DMZ host is being connected to the router but bypassing any firewall on the router.
  13. Dtere

    Programming Language

    For programming software for use on OS's use C++ / C# / Java For programming OS's i'd suggest using C++ / C# For programming hardware (such as microcontrollers) use Assembly or C++ Few programs i've used through the years: Eclipse, Codewarrior, BlueJay, Microsoft Visual C++, and the...
  14. Dtere

    Installing Problems or Patching Problems?

    Blizzard now offers a way to download your game on-line. If you have a legal cd-key and a non-working disk (scratches, lost, stolen, etc.) you can connect to to retrieve the game. Just register at their store, enter your cd-key, and start downloading!
  15. Dtere

    Hosting (Yes, another one)

    If you have a router, there's no need to have windows firewall turned on, period. Are you using internal IP addresses when you forward? Make sure you're forwarding in the port forward section as opposed to the range of port forward, sometimes this can affect things. Can your brother host or not?
  16. Dtere

    d2exp.mpq problem

    The CD key is 26 characters long. So either you're using an illegal cd-key, or you lost yours. Either ways there is nothing more that can be done for you if that is the case. You'll have to buy a new copy of the game or give the first option a try.
  17. Dtere

    d2exp.mpq problem

    Two options you'll want to try. First option is to take all the files on the diablo II disk and copy them to your hard drive. Run the setup.exe file from here Second option is to visit , register, then add your cd-key. You can then download the setup.exe...
  18. Dtere

    Problem Making Games (on LAN)

    Since this is an odd ball problem, i would recommend reinstalling and seeing if the problem still exists.
  19. Dtere

    Instaliing warcraft on 2 computers?

    Just because your set got broken (i'm assuming the disk broke) doesn't mean it's useless. You have two options once you buy the second set of CD's. First, you can use the new CD's to install on both computers. Then enter in the CD-Key from your old set of broken disks on one computer...
  20. Dtere

    Registry values in Wc3

    Also, a quick note to add here. If you have your CD-Key's for any blizzard game other than WoW. You can enter the CD-Keys on Blizzard's website after you register. From here you can download a setup program for that particular game. Here's the website: