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  1. chobibo

    Forward Cone-shaped Vision, MPI only

    Useless thread please delete Useless thread please delete, Thanks!
  2. chobibo

    Spell Submission Question

    Hey guys/gals, I'd like to ask if it's allowed to use a custom model for a spell pack submission? I'm asking this because I think the spells would fit a certain unit model. Well, 'tis a black mage model, so the spell pack would be black mage spells. Thanks guys/gals.
  3. chobibo

    ImpaleDust model edit need help

    Hello guys, I need help regarding the said model, I tried using magos' model editor to add a blank death animation, it adds and works perfectly on magos editor, but when I imported it to my map, the death animation shows the particle emitter 2, the keys are configured properly, I didn't put it...
  4. chobibo

    Snippet Ability Preloader Library

    Custom Preloader Library Since the old one was uselss, I've updated the old script so that it's not just an ability preloader but it can now also preload units. I would like to clarify that you use this during Map Initialization, not when the game has already started. I hope it's clear to all...
  5. chobibo

    HDD led only responds to CD-ROM access

    I cleaned my pc earlier today, I disassembled it and assembled it after I cleaned its parts. I noticed that my HDD led only responds to CD-Rom access only, but before I cleaned it it was working fine, Also I used the motherboard manual to re-assemble the pc. Can you guys tell me any possible...
  6. chobibo

    System GameCache Extension

    //====================================================== //= GameCache Extension - by Chobibo //= Makes use of a string array for use as string //= keys when storing and retrieving data from the ga //= mecache. Can be used for an estimated 66,044,033 //= handle ids. //= Reuirements...
  7. chobibo

    Tree Creation System Exists? (Was: Simple Question)

    Hi guys! Just wanted to ask if there is already an existing Tree Creation System, I wanted to post mine here but I wanted to see if there is already an existing one so I can determine if my system is worthy. Thanks!:D
  8. chobibo

    Is This Spell Leaking?

    @ off topic:How do you know if your spell leaks? Is there a program you use? OK now for my real question: Does my spell leak? here it is: // Global Variables used || Remove This if you're not using NewGen WE ===== globals unit DSunit = null endglobals //Configuration...
  9. chobibo

    Making Triggered Channeling Spells

    Hi guys, I was trying to make a Jass spell channeling but I can't seem to work it out, can you guys help me out. I don't know what I need to do, I tried comparing the order ID's so that if I order the unit casting the channeling spell the spell wouldnt continue but I failed lol. Can you guys...
  10. chobibo

    Adding buffs in triggered spells

    I created a spell based off channel, it makes all units within 500 range invulnerable. I got everything done, the code, the special effects, etc. The only problem is that i can't add a buff to the affected units, is there a way to add buffs via trigger or any other way to add a buff icon to the...
  11. chobibo

    warcraft -openGl

    When I try using opengl, warcraft 3 video is bugged, It doesnt display menus correctly, im using an nvidia mx 4000 vcard, do you think the problem is my video card or is there a fix for this? Thanks !
  12. chobibo

    AOE Spells with Buff question

    Hello guys! Thanks for any help. I was playing around with the skill Impale just earlier and I wondered if I could possibly detect the units affected by the spell by detecting the buff it gives and then modify the affected unit's properties. For example, Caster casts impale, affected enemy...