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  1. super_nova

    How "Legion Commander" from DotA works? please.

    and what if the legion commander's inventory is fulled?
  2. super_nova

    WIP Defense of the Ancients : Revival

    the meaning is we all wanted dota to be open so we can learn about it man
  3. super_nova

    Spellpack Panda Spell Pack

    where is the map?
  4. super_nova

    Hi ayanami, i want to ask something, hope you'll answer it ^^ Where do you put all the completed...

    Hi ayanami, i want to ask something, hope you'll answer it ^^ Where do you put all the completed spell request in your threads here because i need some of it, but i cant find it.. thx for your kindly help
  5. super_nova

    Mr_Bean's Spell Workshop

    @zero9x: i can made that one too.. but the dota one is not like that i suppose... @mrbean: its alright, im not a selfish person..
  6. super_nova

    Mr_Bean's Spell Workshop

    Can i request? Do you know DoTA - Ravage? Slams the ground, causing waves of spikes to ring the hero in all directions. Deals damage (250/350/450) and stuns (1.5/1.8/2.25). Notes • Damage type: magical • Hit units will fly for 0.52 seconds before the real stun is applied. • Full damage and...
  7. super_nova

    What's wrong with the Editor?

    im not copying from another map, and i know how import and exporting work... maybe its my editor that doesnt work properly...
  8. super_nova

    What's wrong with the Editor?

    Hey guys, can somebody help me with this problem? I wanted to copy an ability but after i paste it its not showed up, and so i think i cant copy it. Then i just create a new ability, but after i look at the unit editor i can see the copy of abilities that's not shown up in abilities editor...
  9. super_nova

    Need help with optimizer

    Why i cant play my map after i optimizing it with Vex Wc3Optimizer4.9... Cant someone tell me why?
  10. super_nova

    Help me please...

    Yea it is.. I guess its my Editor.
  11. super_nova

    Help me please...

    Okay guys, thx for the help, i already handle it by my old fashioned way.. hahaha But can i ask something again here? why everytime i've changed a modification to a new spell data like damage/area or else to 0 then it back to its previous damage/area like i've edit channel based skill and...
  12. super_nova

    Help me please...

    Wow, thanks man.. Ill never figure it out, its too hard for me to find it out by myself.. Its because i never learn it before.. but now its seems i can know it a litte bit.. You're very helping.. thx again! The jass one didnt work, maybe its because im using VJASS anyway... So i just use the...
  13. super_nova

    Help me please...

    Okay ill try it.. and here is the JASS one, how to add the exception condition? scope Carnivorous initializer Init globals private constant integer AbilId = 'A0A6' endglobals private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing local unit u = GetTriggerDamageSource() local unit targ =...
  14. super_nova

    Help me please...

    Carnivorous Events Game - GDD_Event becomes Equal to 0.00 Conditions (Level of Carnivorous for GDD_DamageSource) Greater than 0 Actions If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions Or -...
  15. super_nova

    Help me please...

    I've tried using it too... But its just error, everytime the hero with this abilities triggered will crash the game.. Can u please help me?
  16. super_nova

    Help me please...

    I've tried and tried like a hundred times, but it seems everytime i've changed it, another error appear... Im trying to make a dota-like abilities called "Feast".. can someone please help me? Regenerates a portion of enemy's current HP and deals the same portion per attack. (Only occurs when the...
  17. super_nova

    AoS Irate Pirates

    Im working on same type of map too... We can joined up and making it together maybe?
  18. super_nova

    Spellpack Nevermore, the Shadowfiend

    Excuse me, i want to ask some question I'm trying to copy the necromastery skill you made here, and modify its name But it doesnt work and error when i save it to my map, i did what you said to copy step by step... Can you help me? I dont know how to upload a picture, so i just attach it..
  19. super_nova

    Fairy Tail: Guild Wars [Recruiting Spellmaker]

    Wow, i love this anime too.. Ill like to help for the spell and its idea.. But i cant do a lot jass..
  20. super_nova

    Spellpack Compilation of spells

    Where Can i find these spellpack now?? :confused: