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  1. Tiber

    Looking good

    The player's race sets the UI. Just make your players have a fixed Human race. Scenario > Player Properties.
  2. Tiber

    TD Tiber's TD

    After posting the initial version I stopped developing the map for quite a while. About a month ago I was motivated to continue, so here's a late update. Next I am going to work on multiplayer. I'll also try to work on the game flow since if you're good you can easily spend an hour and half on...
  3. Tiber


    Do that. Not all text fields require special code (i.e. |n).
  4. Tiber

    When planes attack

    I didn't quite understand what's the problem. If you'd rephrase that I will try to help out. From what I gather from the triggers you posted, it first sets what unit to spawn depending on the Level. After that it sets a number of units to spawn. The 3rd trigger tells the game when and where...
  5. Tiber

    TD Tiber's TD

    Current version: v0.91 Having used the World Editor for more than 6 years, I finally decided to make something playable. After a failed attempt at an ORPG, I switched to the TD format, and here it is. Download link: Description: - It's a TD with a...
  6. Tiber

    Spell Resistance

    You can add an If, Then, Else function to check if the unit has the item which reduces spell damage, and multiply the end result of the damage done by '1 - 0.33' (assuming 33% is the spell resistance value). Of course, that means you have to do it for every triggered spell with life...
  7. Tiber

    MK Models

    Raiden - Storm Pandaren Shinnok - Archimonde Liu Kang - Grom Reptile - Forest Troll Scorpion - Murloc Jax - Battle Golem Johnny Cage - Shaman Fuujin - Furion Subzero - Ice Troll Quan Chi - Draenei Harbinger Sonya - Sentry It looks pretty silly.
  8. Tiber

    Help think of a evil name

    I like using names from different mythologies or religious sects. For example, the Malebranche, the 13 demons that guard the Malebolge of Hell, from Christianity: Greek mythology is an awesome place to steal names from. Or you can have...
  9. Tiber

    What do you start with?

    I always to all the basic stuff first. Map initialization triggers, basic units and dummies, and basic terrain. Basic terrain first. You need it for testing out your units, skills and whatnot. After that I do the other stuff. Setup the heroes with different models and icons. I add skills and...
  10. Tiber

    Cooldown on passive splash

    Cleaving orb with cooldown? Not sure if it works. I don't use orbs too much.
  11. Tiber

    maze problem

    You can go about it using random point in region, but that isn't very accurate to your requests. Or you can do this: Create 1 dummy unit ("Spawn dummy") at each spot you want your creeps to be spawned, you'll use them in a unit group ("Spawn_Group"). You need the initial region where the...
  12. Tiber

    How to store damage done?

    I'm fairly sure this can only be done in JASS.
  13. Tiber

    How can I destroy a unit after it summons a building? (like in the builder maps)

    IIRC when wisps build things which have Stats - Unit Classification set to Ancient they are destroyed, assuming you want them to work like NE wisps.
  14. Tiber

    maze problem

    I don't quite understand this. You want all of them to be spawned randomly or do you want two creeps to be spawned at the same spot?
  15. Tiber

    Charge Lightning Help

    You will need the Chain lightning spell ("Charge"). Two buffing spells like Slow with separate buffs ("Positive", "Negative"). Duration should be set to 0 (when a spell with a duration is set to 0, it is permanent). Two Unit Groups ("Pos group", "Neg group") in which you will store who has the...
  16. Tiber

    Diablo 2 Custom Abilities (Help me make them!)

    If you don't want to use the spellbook you can create a dummy who has the 25% aura and is moved every second at the position of your hero. In the meantime your hero will have the 50% aura (note that the 50% will have to be 25% because he will also be affected by the dummy 25% aura). Read this...
  17. Tiber

    Trigger Problem.. Again

    I'm guessing the region you are using is only big enough for the entrance, right? Enlarging the region so it holds the entire arena might fix your problem. But triggers which have wait suck in multiplayer, you'll still have problems.
  18. Tiber

    Basic Mana-Degeneration?

    I'm pretty sure that if you change the buffs each aura gives, it will work.
  19. Tiber

    Basic Mana-Degeneration?

    I vaguely remember doing this once. It's pretty easy. Just take a dummy unit, place it in the middle of the map and give it a negative brilliance aura with huge range. It should only target structures obviously. To add negative values to fields, hold shift while double clicking the field of you...
  20. Tiber

    Carrion Swarm effect

    Wow, that actually worked. Thanks. But me wanting to remove the fog was just the first step. I want to change the effect to Objects\Spawnmodels\NightElf\EntBirthTarget\EntBirthTarget.mdl It's an effect in Spawned Effects group. Better yet, if you can extract the death part from...