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  1. Juno**

    You avatar is hawt. What anime is that? >:3

    You avatar is hawt. What anime is that? >:3
  2. Juno**

    why my summon unit ability not working ?

    Try setting the duration to -1. If that doesn't work then use what I describe below. Use channel ability as the base ability then create a trigger similar to this: MySummoningSpell Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to...
  3. Juno**

    how to put negative integers in a section of a skill

    Hold shift key then double click the data field of your choice. After the data field opens, release the shift key and you should be able to input negative values.
  4. Juno**

    Currently being an Otaku.

    Currently being an Otaku.
  5. Juno**

    //!! Hero Creation Contest Official Thread !!\\ (new deadline: 14th of October, 2013)

    Anybody submitted an entry yet? I've just started my entry but I don't think I'm gonna finish it because of the lack of contestants. :(
  6. Juno**

    //!! Hero Creation Contest Official Thread !!\\ (new deadline: 14th of October, 2013)

    Hmm... The given time is more than enough to create a hero so I guess I'll be joining. Now, all I'm hoping for is that I remember to make an entry. xD I'll try my best to send my entry via email but if I can't, I'll just PM you a DL link if that's fine? Maybe from dropbox or google drive?
  7. Juno**

    //!! Hero Creation Contest Official Thread !!\\ (new deadline: 14th of October, 2013)

    I was pretty interested in the contest when I saw the shoutout in THW, but I was disappointed when I read that it's supposed to be sent by email and have to be in a .docx.. I think that's pretty inconvenient. Is there no other way we could submit our heroes within the site?
  8. Juno**

    Spell based movement help

    You can try using arrow key movement systems and change the events to what suits your situation. :) Systems should allow you to configure the distance a unit...
  9. Juno**

    What would be better?

    Just wanted to ask a tiny little question.. Hmm let's just say I want to make a spell that when cast, all enemy unit within XXX AoE will be damaged.. Which would be better to use? pick every unit in area then damage individually or damage circular area? and why? LOL it's like an essay...
  10. Juno**

    Warcraft Campaigns?

    oh thanks.!
  11. Juno**

    Help with [Passive] Trigger spell + Cooldown. +More Help

    Uhh.. I can't be of much help here anymore because everyone has helped with your questions already, so I'll just give an idea for your ultimate.. It's pretty simple.. Magic Seal - silences an enemy target for XX seconds. Any arcane damage that the target unit takes will be doubled. (or another...
  12. Juno**

    Kindly help me AoE Spell Flame Strike damage using Trigger

    uhh could you give more info on what you want to do? and BTW, doesn't flame strike deal AoE damage by default?
  13. Juno**

    Warcraft Campaigns?

    what do I use? wc3 viewer?, is there a map extractor?
  14. Juno**

    Warcraft Campaigns?

    Uhh guys, where could I find the maps of the default warcraft campaign?(story of thrall, invasion of the legion, arthas going to the frozen throne..) I really want to find out how they did their triggers.. (their dungeon traps, puzzles etc..) Is there a way? or is it not allowed or not legal? or...
  15. Juno**

    Multiboard help more people could help you if you post it here.. but I will try to help.. -_-
  16. Juno**

    Idea for a map?

    I'm trying but... I kinda hurts my brain... I guess I'm better off with someone actually teaching me instead of me learning by myself. XD but I am reading some tutorials and intros on Jass.. maybe if I finish just one project then I would focus on learning JASS
  17. Juno**

    Idea for a map?

    that happens to me too many times... but yeah I just decided to create a dungeon crawler map for now.. I'll stop on my AoS map for a while coz I'm getting tired of making almost all things MUI EDIT: but I am still looking for ideas so that I can have as much variety to my map... I agree with...
  18. Juno**

    Idea for a map?

    Oh, so that's what it is called? cooll.. alright.. thanks for the info.. do you mind if I use your story and modify it a little bit?.. I'm just not that good at making stories and stuff.. XD
  19. Juno**

    Idea for a map?

    Guys, I'm bored with my current projects.. well more like project. could you guys give me a story for a map based on warchasers or something similar? I really want to work on another project while I think of ideas for the other.. an RPG story would be good too but not a long one..