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  1. uberfoop

    General Humans argue to win, not to seek truth

    I think that anyone who thought that the sole purpose of reasoning was to explore understanding clearly has not been paying much attention in life. I think that exploring understanding is certainly a valid use of reasoning that does exist, but human beings definitely mostly just do it to avoid...
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    World Queen decorates Nepali for Afghanistan heroics

    This guy was the April 8 BotW.
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    General BodyGuard glove packs a 500,000 volt punch

    Possibly. But it's still relevant, because: The issue, though, is that the product of the two matters. If you apply 1TV over something and only get 1mA of current, then the resistance of the thing is 10^15 Ohms. 1mA may not be much current, but 1mA running through a 10^15 Ohm resistor is still...
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    General BodyGuard glove packs a 500,000 volt punch

    I very strongly doubt that your body has 10^15 Ohms of resistance, though, which would be required for a trillion volts to yield only a 1mA of current. I also disagree with your assumption that generating a gigawatt of power, which is implied by those voltage and current values, is similar to...
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    Sci/Tech Large Hadron Collider could be world's first time machine

    If you trust pretty much anything your senses take in, you kind of have to allow for the existance of a "time" dimension. What people sometimes get tripped up on, I think, is that they don't realize just how similar it is to another "spatial" dimension. If you take a bunch of two-dimensional...
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    Sci/Tech Rare View Of Mercury As NASA Craft Orbits

    Same reason we don't use dirt for our nuclear reactors; it being common doesn't give it certain important chemical properties.
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    Discussion B-Splines and Bezier Curves

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but basically, it works kind of like this:
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    Discussion B-Splines and Bezier Curves

    Is there an issue with simply splining the curves together? One of the main reasons to use curves with easily forced ending directions is that you can very easily build a spline with continuous first derivative (I specifically say "first derivative", because things like second derivative and...
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    Oscars 2011

    While Hollywood's AAA production system does have a structure that causes big-budget films to be usually okay but rarely phenomenal, the single largest reason, I would argue, that foreign-language films seem so much better sometimes is that most of those films never make it over to us; we only...
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    Redlettermedia Review of the StarWars Prequels - or rather, autopsy

    I dunno. For an extremely over-the-top review, I've found that I actually agree with a surprising amount of it. I'm also inclined to argue that that it's actually at the start that it's the best; the AotC and RotS reviews are the ones that degenerate into a whole lot of moderately...
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    Sci/Tech 'Atomtronics' may be the new 'electronics'

    I'm not sure why this would necessarily put EE people out of work; one of the supposed advantages to this stuff is that components behave analagously to various basic electrical components; they simply have potential to be smaller and more efficient.
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    Sci/Tech Up telescope! Search begins for giant new planet in our solar system

    Not really. If it exists, it's probably not well-illuminated by the sun, and it wouldn't have enough gravitational effect on the inner solar system for us to make out easily. The easiest way to detect extrasolar planets, for example, is if their orbit around their star causes them to transit...
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    Oscars 2011

    I would respect that choice; it's got a far stronger soundtrack than most of the other nominees, I thought. This having been said, I would LOVE to see Powell's score for How to Train your Dragon get it. It's original, consistant, full of beautiful variety, and carried the phenomenal film it...
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    Report A Visit With Daryl Bem, Who Found Precognition In the Men Who Stare at Porn

    I don't actually have my stats book on me right now and I'm kind of rusty, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few thousand students or so, particularly with a large amount of testing with each one, could assemble bounds of good confidence (I dunno, maybe 90% or so) around 53% that excludes 50%, if...
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    A Couple Questions [Systems]

    If a system accomodates for different players (yours does, ie "GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()) instead of using a literal) and has no waits (yours has no waits), then it's pretty much going to be naturally MUI. Non-MUI is usually a result of conflicting variable writing, but if everything in a...
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    Report A Visit With Daryl Bem, Who Found Precognition In the Men Who Stare at Porn

    In a well-controlled test with a massive sample size, a 3% offset could have extreme statistical significance. Of course, if everyone has failed to replicate it, which would not be a particularly surprising development...
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    Report We Won't Have Enough Power For Interstellar Travel Until At Least 2211

    Well, it's obviously a vague approximation with a whole bunch of vague assumptions. The theoretical minimum requirement according to special relativity for a 75-year and 4.24 LY trip of a 1kg object, starting and ending at rest, and ignoring things like gravity wells, is 3.2 grams of...
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    passing vars when call fourgroup

    Waits don't work properly in ForGroup loops anyway, so the span in which you can use a global in a ForGroup loop is instant. If you need to use the data in something the ForGroup does after a wait, you'll have to use a timer or something to create that wait, at which point it's a simple...
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    Execution of a String

    Nope. It's entirely possible to build an interpreter in vJass, but it's so hilariously stupid that even when I built half of one just for kicks I never bothered finishing it. I actually did make a system once that was able to read a string as an infix-notated mathematical statement and return...
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    Unit bouncing back from walls?

    If all of your walls are either straight verticle, or straight horizontal, you can just reverse the sign of one component of motion. For example, if a unit strikes a horizontally-running wall such as the bottom right one in your diagram, you can just flip the sign on the unit's y-dir velocity...