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  1. Vöölidin

    TD DemGruntAndTowerDefendor

    Grunt & Tower Defender In this TD you must build towers to defend your Powergenerator.Towers can only be build on grass but barracks can be build on blight. Grunts are designed to slow enemies down but not to kill them, because towers are there to kill enemies. There is several different...
  2. Vöölidin

    Problem With a Trigger

    Spawn Barrack Events Unit - A unit Finishes construction Conditions (Owner of (Constructing structure)) Equal to Player 1 (Red) (Unit-type of (Constructed structure)) Equal to Barracks Actions Trigger - Turn on Turn On P1 <gen> Trigger...
  3. Vöölidin

    Aura on Invulnerable Units

    I have Invulnerable towers in my map so how can i make an aura that will affect it. The aura doesnt show on the status nor does it affect the attack speed of any Tower. but it seems to affect my worker. also the reason my towers are targeted as invulnerable is simply that i want the creeps not...
  4. Vöölidin

    Help me Why my Heroes can only get 5 levels (my max level is 20)

    Help me i had tryed everything :confused: ??