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    [Need Spell Ideas] Warlock Spells

    Shadow wrath. The Warlock deals a blast of shadow damage. Dealing xxx-xxxx damage randomly. Also it has a percentage to damage the enemy or him/herself. Mind follow. Control his enemy for 5 seconds. If the enemy lost x % of his total health, his body exploded and damage nearby enemies. If...
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    MPI Tutorial?

    Hello :) Sorry for this noobish question. :o Is there any MPI tutorial? I couldn't find any MPI tutorial in this forum and others. If there's none, would someone to make one? Thanks in advance :):)
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    MUI Question

    Hm... So my spells should be made into MPI ? Thanks :)
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    MUI Question

    Um... My method of my map is 1 player for 1 hero. So there will be no same heroes. So is it should be MUI ? Thanks in advance :)
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    Need hero ability ideas

    - Death Power Descp : Rage mode with 20% passive Chain lightning, 20% Purge, 50% increase ASPD in a few seconds. - Black Eyes Descp : Curse an enemy by draining enemy's hp, slow enemy down, amount of drained hp is used to heal "Whoever you want" by % percent. - Hell Thunder Prison...
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    MUI Question

    Well, I've been making a hero defense map. I know most of my spells in my map are not MUI. Must it to be MUI? Since all of my heroes are using different abilities. Thanks in advance. :)
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    Tutorial Switching from GUI to vJASS

    Awww.... Finish it man.... I learned alot from this ultra guide. Thanks before. :thup::thup:
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    Wizard Spell Ideas!

    Chilling Orb Send out an orb of ice, which damage & freeze an unit in a line for a while. Ancient Freezing Skin If the hero is attacked by enemies, he will get some % to frost nova the attacker. Inferno Meteor Charge a meteor from space above. The more you charge, the more its damage.
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    Gold Return Trigger Doesn't Work

    Hm... Try not to make a continuous IF(s). Try to make it separated.
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    Request A Trigger

    Thanks to Dinowc. :) +Rep anyways. ;)
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    Request A Trigger

    Hello. I'm kinda curious of a trigger that makes every unit around caster to attack him. After x seconds of being attacked, The caster has 50% to release the damage that he has been suffered to enemy nearby and 50% for the caster to heal his friend for y% of z damage. Thanks in advance! :)
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    SkullBasher / BlinkStrike Jumps

    Well, you have something wrong with the code. Animation - Play (Casting unit)'s (attack + slam) animation Unit - Pause SkullBasher_Caster It means that when that unit does an attack slam animation and stop at the same time. Try to make it like this: Unit - Pause SkullBasher_Caster...
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    Accessing application

    Well.. I have some weird & strange problem. When i activate some of my not-very-dangerous apps. My windows comes with a warning "Windows cannot accessing files, folders bla bla bla" Why is it wrong? Is it Registry problem? Because some of my registry was found as a virus by AVG...
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    Spell Wild Axes

    Hmm... Still confusing me.:confused: Would you mind to give me another example ? if those enemies are hit by the axe, the enemies will get bloodlust.
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    (Spell Help)

    Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within 220.00 of (Position of GlaiveDummy) matching (((Matching unit) belongs to an enemy of (Owner of GlaiveDummy)) Equal to True)) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Special Effect -...
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    Delete those Map initialization and 0.05 second trigger. You just want to create a farm produce when you do harvest, right? :P:P
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    The Scorpion

    Adding shadow to in front of the scorpion would be nice.
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    Mass Entangle Roots

    Yes, it needs trigger. Create a dummy, add entangling roots dummy ability to your dummy, then the trigger : Mass Entangling Roots Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Mass Entangling Roots Actions...
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    Spell - Forked Lighing + Life drain

    Yes, you can. Base your spell from forked lightning, change the lightning effect you what lightning effect that you want, then do the trigger. Until like this: Unit - Cause Caster to damage Target, dealing ((Life of Target) / 2.00) damage of attack type Chaos and damage type Universal.
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    Is this supposed to be a memory leak?

    Hmm, my suggestion is change the map initialization to elapsed game time is 1 second. I think that if u have multiple map initialization, will cause leak..