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  1. sur5al

    Problem with Cloud Abilities

    Cloud is super bugged piece of sh... that ruins my map so much, because i need it to woork so badly... First: cloud gets bugged if there is any other custom channel ability in your map which has the same orderid "cloudoffog". If you have any, then set their "Order String - Use/Turn On" to...
  2. sur5al

    Morph removes abilities inside SpellBook?

    I am doing nice survival map where unit's attack range, damage and armor type changes based on what item it acquires (axe, bow, dagger...). I have different units for each damage type and i just replace them. Currently i am literally replacing unit with triggers when it acquires or loses an item...
  3. sur5al

    Minigame * Chaos Control *

    This is one of THE BEST war3 maps that i played, and i played a lot. It inspired me so much that i had to do something nice and similar to it. Please go to and try my "survival chaos" map. It is almost completed, but still is in development progress and some things will...
  4. sur5al

    Make this GUI spell MUI

    I am trying to learn making mui abilities, but my jass is at zero level so its so hard for me... I am currently trying to do like this guy teaches: (either "wait" or integer loop would work on ability i'm trying to...
  5. sur5al

    My maps at

    My maps at
  6. sur5al

    Scorched Earth

    lol i did it. I was amazed by how easy it actually was. And seem to be lagless. Anyway, if someone needs such thing, here is the trigger... it looks like this:
  7. sur5al

    Scorched Earth

    I want to make something like Dota lucifer's scorched earth. I know perfectly how to make that ability to work (fan of knifes>unholy aura>tornado aura... bla bla bla), but i can't figure out how to make it's special effect - an area of burning ground. Does anyone know the easiest way to...
  8. sur5al

    Maximum Cooldown???

    Y thats a great idea. Though it will need some triggers for my Virtual Intelligence to use it well (since you can play against computer opponents), but thats really good idea. Thanks a lot, give you rep...
  9. sur5al

    Maximum Cooldown???

    sometimes w3 makes me so angry, because of such hidden stupid things... :banghead: i need it to be more than 5min since it is some mega big ulti to save your ass, but you should use it very carefully and only 2 or 3 times in game that lasts 30-40min. im sure i saw maps that had abilities with...
  10. sur5al

    Maximum Cooldown???

    Got interesting problem, hope its not a bug in my w3 game and someone will help me. It seems as if maximum spell cooldown would be set to 300s somewhere in "game constants". In editor you can make your spells cd up to 3600 (or up to 10000 if you hold shift before selecting it like when...
  11. sur5al

    Working with blighting and unblighting texture

    The best thing of original "grow blight" ability of undead buildings is that you can adjust how fast it grows and expands. You can make it expand very slowly, like 1 title square per minute. that's the beauty of it :) I think its probably impossible to do that with customly triggered ability...
  12. sur5al

    Working with blighting and unblighting texture

    Is there any diference for which player blight is created? Why it has to be "owner of picked unit"? Why the trigger to remove blight doesn't work on the blight that was created by undead buildings? (by their original grow blight ability) I want to use undead builgings with a hudge...