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    TD Scavenger TD: A summary of my idea

    Ok, so here is my first serious attempt at a custom map. I came up with this idea after playing the 7 hr free trial for Sc2. Anyway, here are my ideas, please tell me what you think, I want as much input and ideas from the community as possible. The title "scavenger TD" implies that you will...
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    Multiple Issues - Creep Pathing, Spawn Triggers(TD)

    I opened the world editor for the first time in 2 years and Im trying to re-learn everything before SC2 comes out so I can make maps for that but I am having a few simple problems that I cannot find the answer to. First, I am making a Tower Defense in order to get my bearings again but I can't...
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    button positions?

    how do i work the x and y button positions, this is the thing that controls the square that the skill/whatever will be in right. I never really used em but now it is sort of necessary that i use them.
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    percentage of creep HP?

    how do i make it so that when a creep enters a region, the hp of the unit is at a certain percentage?
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    hero respawn issue

    when hero respawns sometimes it doesnt respawn for the right player, instead it respawns for a computer player (dg, and brown) hers my code see if u can figure it out. Hero Respawn Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True...
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    upgrading hero taverns

    I have a creep summoner as a building and i need it to summon units instantly. Problem is the "stats-units trained" requires a buildtime of at least 1 and that slows it down i want it to build instantly, so i moved the units to "stats-units sold" This works good and all but when i try to upgrade...
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    wassat676's problems

    Making the hero line war at the moment so i figured id cut down on the threads and just make 1 big one. so here are my problems... 1.I need a lumber income and i cant figure out how to do this along with a gold income.(the gold income uses the point-value system) EDIT- solved it without...
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    creep attack problem

    Help me with my hero line war so, my hero line war is coming along but i have a few issues that i need to get through, so all of my problems for it will be posted here. If u need any of my code just ask me. 1. The creeps do not attack after they are sent, they just run directly to their...
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    variable end game problem

    i know this is probably a basic question but i really dont know how to do it and ill probably beat myself up after you tell be, but how do i make it so that when in integer variable(non-array) is equal to 0 the game is over?
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    Heavan vs. Hell Hero Line Wars

    Heavan vs. Hell Hero Line Wars This is my latest map and I am quite proud of it. It actually takes Hero Line Wars and gives it a purpose. Instead of battling each other without an idea of why you are fighting, in this, u assume the role of heavan or hell and go at it. Terrain The...
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    leader board creation issue

    Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Leaderboard - Create a leaderboard for (All players) titled Lives Left Leaderboard - Add Player 11 (Dark Green) to (Last created leaderboard) with label Heavan's Lives and value LivesHeav Leaderboard - Add...
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    unit remove on enter region/rect

    Events Unit - A unit enters heavstart <gen> Conditions (Owner of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Player 11 (Dark Green) Actions Unit - Remove (Triggering unit) from the game This is supposed to remove a wisp at the start of the game that belongs to a...
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    income message

    I have a hero line war game and i just got the income set up (finallly) but i still need to let each player know their own specific income every ten seconds, how wud i go about doing this, i tried text message but there is no string 2 value for my income array
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    income help

    can some one give me a link to an income tutorial or tell me how to do it because im stumped and this is the one thing that i cant do in my map
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    new hero line war-need partner

    im making a hero line war map, i wanted to put out there that i need a partner, preferably one that is quite familiar with object editor, because ill be doing triggers and terraining first, so it wud be good for sum1 to get a jump on heros
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    quick question about doodad...

    is there a spider web doodad or spider themed dodads
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    skill points for hero=0

    i was wondering if there was a way i could change the heros starting ability points to zero, this must happen when the hero has been selected from a taver (think rpg) because each level the hero gets 2 skill points and the first skill point obtained at the start of the hero is throwing off the...
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    int/agi/str gain

    i have a skill that is in my hero abilities that is agility gain +1 (theres the same thing for the other two but its the same problem for them) and for some reason, i use this and i get no point for said skill, why?
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    Critical Strike Aura

    how can i make the critical strike skill into an aura that everyone can be affected by?
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    skill me

    i need to know from a few creative souls 8 more spells that a priest migh have, if ur a n00b and dont know what a priest is, give me 8 good ideas for buffs or spells to help other players.