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  1. chobibo

    Help finding flaw in item fusion trigger

    I've almost forgotten how to script in jass, but try this if it will work, I've checked it using jasscraft, but not in-game. globals integer array GEM_TABLE constant integer GEM_LVL_1 = 'I04U' constant integer GEM_LVL_2 = 'I04V' constant integer GEM_LVL_3 =...
  2. chobibo

    [Anti-Leak] Do you always have to remove variables?

    Handle type variables point to objects, the objects are the ones you destroy or remove. The issue with variables is that it interferes with the game engine's garbage collector, since it does not remove objects from memory when there is still a reference to it. To avoid memory leaks, set the...
  3. chobibo

    Does Pow() create excessive proseccor drain?

    The real problem on your script is not the pow usage, it's your use of BJs. Anyway, I remember having read on that pow is worthwhile to use if the exponent is greater than 2.
  4. chobibo

    Faster/Efficient Code

    I mistook the rect enter event for the spell event, I forgot that rects have dedicated events, my bad, sorry.
  5. chobibo

    Faster/Efficient Code

    You can use a single trigger for that; use conditional statements to check for a specific rect, then execute the actions associated with that rect.
  6. chobibo

    Faster/Efficient Code

    Trigger actions don't leak, destroying a sleeping trigger action does, where'd you get that idea anyway?
  7. chobibo

    Discussion Coolest natives

    Hash Table natives. I'd also love a Get/SetTimerUserData native.
  8. chobibo

    2 different spells -> same cooldown?

    Orc burrow cargo hold ability.
  9. chobibo

    System help...

    Attach the data to the casting unit via a hash table or a unit indexing attachment.
  10. chobibo

    Wow! you have a lot of fans man. Trolololol! :D

    Wow! you have a lot of fans man. Trolololol! :D
  11. chobibo

    Slide System Concept

    Now I see your point! Thanks for explaining :D. The reason I did not encapsulate it is because I consider this struct as a new data type or a unique object. Now if I want a unit to slide, I use the slide data type, like how I would use the unit data type or the timer data type. If I want to...
  12. chobibo

    Slide System Concept

    Please elaborate.
  13. chobibo

    Slide System Concept

    What I mean is to allow the user(s) to use a third-party data structure/attachment system. Secondly, I was referring to the function identifiers with underscores, I think it's best if you make em struct methods instead of a function that has no association with the struct. /* Changed the...
  14. chobibo

    Slide System Concept

    Isn't this periodic? static method movement_child takes nothing returns nothing local Data d=LoadInteger(HT,GetHandleId(GetEnumUnit()),0) local real x local real y local real z Also, I'm not against your use of the hash table, I assumed that this...
  15. chobibo

    Slide System Concept

    Could you add support for third-party attachment systems, I believe some people would like to use a unit indexer for this purpose. I also think that a hash table isn't suitable for this purpose; unit user data or a unit indexing system would be much better for this application.
  16. chobibo


    There's nothing wrong with my test map, it works properly. I'm using arrays because jonny needs these triggers for multiple units, and the only information he gave us is: hence the need to make the triggers dynamic. You do not need to check the unit type of the unit stored in the tower...
  17. chobibo


    Here's a test map.
  18. chobibo

    Two questions

    Test map please. I tested it myself, I stand corrected. Oh, and I'm sorry if you think I was lying, I was mistaken. EDIT 2: I found the Destroy Trigger bug (the one that corrupts the handle stack), here's the link to a script that reproduces it. I made a mistake, destroying the trigger needs...
  19. chobibo

    Activating Colorizer in Newgen

    install .net 2.0
  20. chobibo


    Test Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Tower[1] is dead) Equal to True (Tower[2] is dead) Equal to True (Tower[3] is dead) Equal to True Actions Unit - Make Fortress Vulnerable Unit - Make Barracks Vulnerable