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  1. ludnica

    Load An Integer Function problem

    Ye, really annoying, I know. I'm using a normal World Editor. I've stored an integer value in a game cache and now I want to load it back. The problem is that either I can't find the function to do so, or my editor simply doesn't have it. I've found this but, uh, it asks for a function "endif"...
  2. ludnica

    Passive Ability not working for allies

    Explanation on the ability: A passive ability, that activates when I'm attacking a unit (if you've played DotA - looks like Abaddon's Frostmourne), increasing my attack and movement speed. When an ally starts attacking the same unit, it should benefit from my ability...but hell, it doesn't...
  3. ludnica

    Attacking unit has "Ability" learnt - line

    Is there such a line? Can't find it... Is it Boolean? And if it is - explanation on how to get to it will be very helpful.
  4. ludnica

    Damage + Agility (Failing at it)

    Fatal Strike Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions Actions Set FatalWoundAgility = (Agility of (Casting unit) (Include bonuses)) Set FatalWoundLevel = (Level of Fatal Strike for (Casting unit)) If (All Conditions are...
  5. ludnica

    Loss of watery terrain on the map

    Title says it all. I'm updating and improving spells/items/triggers (nothing done on the terrain), and at some point I look at the minimap - no damned watery terrain. On previous versions of my map (everyone has at least 1 backup map) the water is showing properly. On the newest one it just...
  6. ludnica

    How to add raw defense to a unit?

    Title says it all. Adding raw defense to a hero/unit w/o the +1 (green) colored string next to the normal defense.
  7. ludnica

    Need some help

    Like I've been struggling whole morning to get this,and still nothing. The thing is: I want to get the "Abilities\Weapons\PhoenixMissile\Phoenix_Missile_mini.mdl" attached to both weapons on the Fire Panda model. It seems impossible, 'cuz even though I'm using "weapon" and "left" and "right"...