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    This would be the easiest way to code it, but it would be a major annoyance in game and prevent people from wanting to play your map. Fighting over shops is annoying. Sometimes you'll get that guy who camps the shops and makes it a pain for anyone else to use them if the guy is "out" of the...
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    The real only way I'd know to do this is to have a shop for each player underneath a generic shop. Select the player shop when the generic shop is selected. This way you can tell who buys what because each player can only use their specific shop.
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    Looking for coding advice (leaks & speed)

    I've found great use out of the other GT events. It doesn't really add extra size to your map. The real size in maps comes from models and skins. I don't know why map size is really an argument when it comes to jass. Using filter functions instead of a firstofgroup was the overwhelming standard...
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    Looking for coding advice (leaks & speed)

    You aren't setting thistype.tempFire before the ForGroup(movedummies) thing, so when you go into the filter it tries to use an uninitialized int and probably stops/crashes the thread.
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    Looking for coding advice (leaks & speed)

    Luorax, I see about the onDestroy, but why the FirstOfGroup loops? Unless I've just been away from Wc3 too long those things are much much worse than onDestroy :P. Good on you for changing all of the horrible naming conventions. Anyway, if we're getting super speed freak here, I've reverted some...
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    Looking for coding advice (leaks & speed)

    So before I look at this if I have it correct, you're trying to trigger a breath of fire (and all the art entailed) that deals damage on hit and then leaves debuff on someone? Just out of curiousity, what does the debuff actually do? Is this all it is supposed to do? I just want to make sure I...
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    Snippet Set Hero Level

    I suggest adding a boolean to the argument list to loop the level set. If a map has any triggers in it that fire on a hero level up the triggers only fire once when you SetHeroLevel. If someone has something like triggered attributes or anything that requires doing every level this wont meet...
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    [Help] Mac compatibility

    I know there is an issue with the GHost bots that often causes players using a mac to desync at the start. I'm not sure if this happens to all macs, but 100% of the people I've whispered after they desync off the bat say they use a mac.
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    Minor event filter bug

    Was coding this in a performance bottle neck. It seems that the trigger and filter unit are both the killing unit when they should be the dying unit. Just a small point of interest I guess. I will be using a condition I guess, but if anyone knows how to fix this I wouldn't mind picking up the...
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    Simple texttag leak question

    I'm terrible with response timings, thanks guys! :D
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    Simple texttag leak question

    Oh. I didn't think you meant it like that. I find that to be bad coding practice in at least my specific scenario. There is a small, albeit diminishing, amount of GUI and legacy code in my map that could manipulate the last created texttag in an unfavorable way. I would probably use a private...
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    Discussion Total JassHelper overhaul project

    I've been out of the loop for a while, but what about the struct allocator? I've seen it criticized by many for being incredibly slow. Is there any reason why this isn't on the list? As for the BJDebug compiling into an optimized version, I disagree with that. I've always thought that debug...
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    Simple texttag leak question

    I'll probably just null it in that function since I don't need to manipulate it afterwards if I don't need to call DestroyTexttag(). If I understood correctly, I don't need to destroy it if the permanent flag is false? I know I may sound stupid by clarifying this again, but this will be a...
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    Simple texttag leak question

    I remember reading somewhere that text tags don't leak if they don't have a permanent life span. I don't remember the source, or if it is credible. Basically what I'm after is "does this code leak?" static method MakeTextTag takes string s, real velocity, unit t, integer r, integer g, integer b...
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    Is unit dead?

    I just use GetWidgetLife(unit) > .405 for alive, less than for dead.
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    [IMG] Hey there, your PM box is full so I guess I'll just post this here. I forgot to give...

    [IMG] Hey there, your PM box is full so I guess I'll just post this here. I forgot to give credits to you in the current version, here is a screenshot of what it looks like in the development version. I'm guessing you'll want it changed to (? (please specify :D)) I mostly...
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    Multiple types of the same base spell, how to stop them all referring to one?

    Thanks for the timely response :D I was really hoping this wasn't the case, but it isn't a big deal. Where did the reputation button go? I haven't been on the new forums since the layout changed apparently.
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    Jass NewGen won't test map

    My preferred method of testing is to save it to the Maps folder in Warcraft III. The editor will give you an error if you try to save while in the game, or if the map is selected in the menu to create a new custom game. Simply click on one of the nearby melee maps, save, and then double click...
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    Multiple types of the same base spell, how to stop them all referring to one?

    I have two different types of blink on the same unit. One is a short blink with little cooldown, and the other is a long blink with a long cooldown. However, trying to use the long blink just results in the unit using the short blink. The only way to access the long blink is to order a blink...
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    Lyncor's ChainLightning caster problem

    I'll have to gather more data on this, in some cases I know the unit is removed, but in some others I don't think it is. How hard/easy would it be to "fix" this? It is not too big of an issue.