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    The Serpent

    Wrote this for my teacher Ms. Clark. I enjoyed writing it, hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it.
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    Build time values

    Where can I find the build time values for units in the data manager?
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    I can't join bot hosted games

    If your ping is too high bots will block you from joining their game.
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    You guys miss interpreted what I previously said. Some where in this year Icefrog intends to release DOTA standalone with Valve gaming. This game will be DOTA not a spin-off. It is exactly the same game without the limitations of Warcraft.
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    Dota:Is it dying?

    Dota will die when it gets released as a stand alone game.
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    We didn't code it we used a widget.

    We didn't code it we used a widget.
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    Thanks guys! Sure if you would like just send me your uploaded youtube video I'll upload it. Or perhaps you could help me with the background. :P
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    removed Hey guys, I just released my website for pro Dota replay Commentaries. hijacked link removed Feedback and criticism please! PS: Thanks to Ghan for the best server hosting!
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    Background for a website Hey I was wondering if any one could help create a background for my website so it won't just be plain white. I want the banner to blend into the background and I don't want the background to get in the way of the post so just some...
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    Dota Reconnection

    This is going to change DotA and
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    Patch 1.24d

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    Paranormal Activities

    While I watched this movie I thought this was the scariest movie ever only because I was under the impression that everything was real. After I found out it was fictitious it no longer scares me. So if you show your friends this movie tell its all real before the movie and break the news to...
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    Blink crashes wc3?

    Post the map please.
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    3.3 fall of lich king is out

    Wait so you can kill Arthas? and if so can you wield frostmourne?
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    Halo Radar

    Oh its okay if you don't want to I was just planning on using this in a system I was creating and the blurred one doesn't look too good in wc3. Its okay if you don't want to you've already done enough. Thank you! However a sharp version will be greatly appreciated.
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    Halo Radar

    Sweet for the center one can you make the yellow dot smaller and can you scale them up to 256x256
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    Using 16-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch

    I have at home but I dont know how to use it or what it is for can some one inform me on what this is used for? Edit: I was also...
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    Halo Radar

    Thanks Sooda! I appreciate it alot. However I was wondering if you can do the first one with the yellow dot?
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    Halo Radar

    I was wondering if some one would make me a image with just the halo radar. One with the yellow dot and one without.
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    Tutorial GUI MUI Spell Making Guide

    This tut, Flare's, and my system is outdated. Every GUIer should be switching to Hashtables.