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  1. Joccaren

    A strange bug

    Ok, so recently a number of my triggers have been mysteriously not working. After a lot of trouble shooting the problem seems to come from the map itself, with a strange bug or something that I haven't seen before. Now, my map presently has 3 "Players" activated. Used to be 2, but for debugging...
  2. Joccaren

    Placing an unbuilt building with triggers

    Alrighty, so after sorting my previous lot of issues out, I'm now kind of stuck again. I wish to place a building with triggers, but I wish that building to be unbuilt. 0% build progress. Presently I've tried placing the building with triggers, then setting its build progress to 0% with...
  3. Joccaren

    Information resources for World Editor [And add-ons]

    Alright, its been a while, but after... 4 years or so, I've finally found the time to resume/restart Warcraft 3 map making. Unfortunately, I've forgotten a lot, and a lot of things seem to have changed from when I last reared my head, so I'm probably going to be dropping in every now and then...
  4. Joccaren

    Unit Creating Trigger Problem

    Could someone please help me find what I did wrong in this trigger? I want this trigger to spawn the appropriate number of units of the appropriate type of each players chosen race for each player, however, when I test the map it comes up with the error: Thanks to anyone who helps. Spawn...
  5. Joccaren

    Civilian Models

    Where can I find the civilian models from the SCII campaign, the ones on Mar Sara, Agria and Haven? The ones that can throw moltovs? Thanks for any help.
  6. Joccaren

    Beserker Upgrade Problems

    I have been attempting to use the 'beserker upgrade' upgrade to upgrade different units. I have replicated the data from the upgrade, the upgrades used by both units and the 'Techtree - Dependency equivilents' fields as well as adding both units as able to be trained by the building that trains...
  7. Joccaren

    Show multiboard to one player

    Basically, I want each player in my map to have their own multiboard that only they can see. I know this is possible as many maps have done this before, but I have not found a way to do this, even after looking through other threads asking the same question. Could someone please help me...
  8. Joccaren

    Order unit to stop training

    Is there any way to order a unit to stop training one individual unit, even when there is a set of units ready to be trained before it, with the 'Unit - Unit begins training a unit' event?
  9. Joccaren

    Floating Text Help

    Hey, I have played a number of games in which floating text is used to display damage. Now, I'm using Weeps damage detection system and have got the trigger working properly but, I have one problem. How do I make the floating text float away and disapear? I have seen this done in many maps...
  10. Joccaren

    1.22 to 1.24. What are the main GUI differences

    O.k. I have just updated from version 1.22 to version 1.24 in warcraft. Before anyone asks, I had my reasons for not upgrading to 1.23 and for not updating to 1.24 earlier and I will not post them here. However, there are many changes between the GUI of these two versions and I would be happy...
  11. Joccaren

    Is there an easier way of doing this?

    O.K. Some of you may have seen my 'How to make a protect the supplies movement system' and this is, I guess, partially linked to that but, is there an easier way of doing this than the way I am currently doing. For all of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I am attempting to make a...
  12. Joccaren

    Why do my footmen keep moving?

    Here are a few triggers that I'm using before I explain my problem. I know it still has leaks but... Pulse Ends Events Time - BCPulse expires Conditions UnitBusy Not equal to True Actions For each (Integer A) from 1 to 4, do (Actions)...
  13. Joccaren

    How do I make a 'Protect the Supplies' Move system

    O.K. Probably not the best title but I didn't know what else to call it other than 'Help Me!' and that tells nothing of my problem. Now, in RoC, the second(?) Orc mission is leading the Tauren to their home on the plains. In this mission, the Tauren move foward along the set path of their own...
  14. Joccaren

    Windows XP offline files disabled

    Hey, every time I go to open my offline files on windows XP, they are disabled. Does anyone know why? Thanks to whoever helps.
  15. Joccaren

    DisBTN Magic Sentry and Knockback help

    Hey, could someone tell me the path for the disabled Magic Sentry Icon? and Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here? I cast the ability but nothing gets Knocked back. Tidal Wave Knockback Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions...
  16. Joccaren

    Some custom Value Questions

    What exactly is a units custom value and how is it defined (What goes into making the custom value what it is, HP/Mana, move speed, time of creation, unit number, anything?)? Does it change without using Triggers? Is the custom value different for every unit, even when playing the same map...
  17. Joccaren

    Why does my save/load trigger not work?

    Hi. I'm using a basic save/load trigger for a campaign I am making. Here are the triggers for map one: Create Game Cache Game Cache Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Game Cache - Create a game cache from Stormhaven.w3v Save Hero End Cinematic...
  18. Joccaren

    What is wrong as the conditions?

    What is wrong with these conditions. I am trying to revive only a few, very specific types of units in an area but the conditions always stop this from happening. Can someone tell me where my error lies? Spirit Ward Revive Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions And -...
  19. Joccaren

    Tauren Spearthrower ability ideas

    Hey, I'm hoping some people could help me with some ideas for a Tauren Spearthrower's abilities. If an ability fits with my map, I will approve then add it and give Rep to whoever comes up with it. Thanks. Currently approved spells: Ancestral Spear Spirit of the Ancients <Name 1> (Thinking...
  20. Joccaren

    Make Ancestral Spirit Cast on enemies?

    Could Someone please tell me if it is possible to make ancestral spirit cast on an enemy? I have tried everything except triggering it and I want to know if it can be done, or its one of those 'Because Blizzard made it that way' things that can't be changed.