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    That's bad :( thank throught
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    Feel the Leakage!

    The leak is in the Region :P
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    I think you know that I'm making a warcraft IV project :P I'm still new to modding and maybe someone could give me the link of a tutorial :)
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    I knew you had no sign from me these days but I'm still working and Warcraft IV.Here a little update with a small introduction about the Undeads : That's all for now, more to come soon throught. Suggestion, critism and feedback are welcome.
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    Change Texture Path

    How do I change the path of a texture used by a model? I mean, I want to set the "Skeleton Archer" texture used by the...skeleton Archer to Units/undead/SkeletonArcher/SkeletonArcher.blp instead of Texture/SkeletonArcher Thanks in advance
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    Model Thunder Arrow

    Two words : F*cking Awesome!
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    :) I never said that I will kill this project :D:nuts: It's just, bad luck.It is the life :D I also said that it's not a big deal since I working as fast as I can to reamake what I lost.
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    WIP Warcraft IV

    Mine lasted more than 1 month throught, and I'm still working on it :) . I just bumped this old thread for 2 reason : 1) Unfortunately, my computer crashed, all the units, missions and models were deleted and I fear that I have to restart the project.It may halt the progress but that's not a...
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    WIP AI Battle Tournamnets

    I know what a AI battle mean but I mean advanced gameplay : Does heroes rez? If yes, how? If yes, does a hero must kill the other X time to win? Is there a multiboard to show heroes life, abilities, movespeed, target...? Are neutral Creeps included? Does they drop items? How does heroes...
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    WIP AI Battle Tournamnets

    Don't forget me :P Just one thing, can you explain the gameplay of this tournament?
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    WIP AI Battle Tournamnets

    Well...I could terrain when I have free time like now. Hope my Blademaster A.I will ownz you all xD
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    WIP AI Battle Tournamnets

    Cool, can we use neutral heroes (Beastmasters etc...) ? I'm making a 4 player arena template for the tournament with Ashenvale tileset
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    WIP AI Battle Tournamnets

    It's an Arena AI?With Melee Heroes?
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    [AoS/Other] War of the Two Kingdoms

    Sound interessing.I love the way you can choose many paths.Throught, can you give me more information about gems?
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    Edit this model to a buff?

    I recommend you to post your request on the Hiveworkshop. There isn't too much skilled modellers who learned animations here :)
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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG Alpha Release

    Europe RPG Room. Throught I don't find many guys that host it :/
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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG Alpha Release

    My name's Sabrio in Garena :)
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    New MPQ

    I have this downloaded this tool which allows me to create new MPQs like blizzard's ones. I almost finished my MPQs but my problem is that I have no idea on how to make the War3.exe uses the MPQ.Maybe someone could helps me?
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    AoS Legacy of Heroes [Beta] - May version released

    Sound cool :) Are you gonna release an Alpha soon?