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    Item Model Trouble

    Recently I created an item and changed the Art - Model of the item to the Doodad - Corn, as well as one with the Wheat bundle model. I placed the items on the map and some in a hero's inventory, wanting someone to be able to "harvest" crops. Unfortunately, the placed items disappear during...
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    RPG Dungeon & Dragons - The Inevitable Fate

    Just out of curiosity, and because I didnt see it mentioned anywhere, do you plan on having reflex/fortitude/will saves? because they play a large role in balancing things. Also for the non-spell caster heros, will you have to choose your class abilities as you level up, or will they be...
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    @Accname - Thank you, I think I'm going to use the ancient type to keep the computer from attacking, and set the aquisation range of all the melee heros in my map to 1 to deal with the players. As for the use of chaos, I guess I decided to use it because I had been tinkering with it alot lately...
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    I am working on an ability, Disguise. This ability will use the chaos ability to make the hero into a unit with the model file of a villager (there are going to be many villager units in this map), also this chaos-ed unit wont appear on the mini map, it will have one ability, remove disguise...
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    Quip about Equipments

    I don't have any of the items created in my map yet, so I can't really test this yet, but it look like it'll work. @polo2005 - it looks like the link you posted uses the same trigger that inevit4ble posted, so thanks to you both I'll let you know how things work out once I get the chance to...
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    Quip about Equipments

    I've often been frustrated with the fact that a hero can be simutaniously using three helmets, two shields, and a weapon. I'd like to make it so a hero can only hold one of each type of item. The item types would be: helmet, armor, gloves, boots, shield, one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon...
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    Chaos trouble

    In the map I'm making, I have it so that when a hero picks up a certain item, he is given the chaos ability, turning him into the same hero essentially, only with a different attack. I also have it so that when they drop the item, they are reverted back to their original self...
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    True or False? (an item question)

    I did a test using chaos, and the stats didnt get messed up, so thats what im going to use if i can only figure out how to make a trigger to use chaos when a hero picks up or drops a particular item. thanks for the help
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    True or False? (an item question)

    This was very helpful information. Is there anyway around that bug? Like what if you added a trigger after it that lowered the atributes back to normal, or are there other bugs invovled?
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    True or False? (an item question)

    hmm, What if I use the chaos ability so that when the hero picks up the item they are changed into a differnt unit, would that be possible?
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    True or False? (an item question)

    Is it possible to have an item change a unit's attack? for example: The default hero's attack is 1-3 dmg, he picks up an item (sword), and his attack become 1-8 dmg, and if he picks up an axe, 1-10dmg And if this is possible, is it possible to have the item change the units attack type...
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    Having doubts on story/quests :/

    Seems very simular to Doom3, but an amazing map none the less.
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    Water Tinting

    Is there a way to change the color of the water for a specific region. For Example, I want my entire map to have blue water, but in a certain region i'd like it to be green
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    Spell Ideas for my Archer

    Well, here are a few of the abilities that i've used for my archer hero, Rapid Fire- increases atk speed for a period of time Hail of Arrows- Start with the Tinker hero's cluster rockets, replace the modlefile with that of an arrow, and remove the stun. Also, you mentioned realism, and...
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    sight radius

    for the ability Ultravision (item), which is the ability goblin night scope has; i only see the following fields: Art, Sounds, Stats, Techtree, and Text. I don't see a data field.
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    sight radius

    Thanks, but the problem isn't that i cant type in a negative value, its that there isnt a field to type it in to, at least that i could find...
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    sight radius

    Well, i found the ability, but i dont see anyway of changing it to lessen the sight radius.
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    sight radius

    Is it possible to make a unit's sight radius decrease when they are in a certain region, and if so, how do i go about doing that? thank you in advance
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    In this map im making u begin by picking a hero from a tavern as your only unit. Each hero has an ability that summons a new hero. I need your first hero to be entirly removed from the game when you this ability, as in you cant rez him and his icon no longer appears in the corner of your screen.
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    Spell Help

    What do you mean "both" spots? The problem isn't with resurecting enemies, the problem is that once they are ressurected they dont fight for you.