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    Spell Energy Blade

    I think that the mana cost for this spell should lower from level to level, or maybe like: L1- High L2- Med-High L3- Average L4- Average L5- Average etc...
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    I need help!

    The waves/ripples that you see are in the unit art. You would have to edit the unit's art to fix that. I'm no art wiz but i'd say that that's the problem.:thup:
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    Okk.. Td Units spawns is todays problem :)

    better yet, if you can put the food check into an and statement. I know this works wite Conditions, but look for it in actions, too.
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    In-game problem

    do you have a trigger that says "select all and..." or "select <hero 1>", becuse that makes the player select him, not just the trigger.
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    Really Fun/Useful Math Hints for Fast Solving

    That's like my biggest math shortcut right there! All-day since fourth grade!
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    My first project - D&D heroes, and an alignment system!

    Nice! I love D&D but it seemed to have died on azeroth. I saw it twice, enough to get hooked, and then I never saw it again. Goodluck and make sure it's great! :P
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    Hosting Problems

    thx Rad. this is a real tiresome task but at least it makes more sense than just "turn on port 6112... the end". :D +rep
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    Hosting Problems

    I've got a hosting problem that I doubt is hardware: It simply wont let me. I can do everything except have visitors join my game. I can host it, but no one will even look at it if I wait 15 minutes. I have heard that certain ports must be opened, your IP address must be changed, etc. I need...
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    that trigger only runs AFTER a person LEAVES the game. I want computers to take over from the start if necessary. EDIT: does trigger- run... skip the actions?
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    darkbeer: >and why dont you use player leaves game event? I need it so that if there never was a player. (slot was left "Closed" or "Open" when the game started) trb: Does (Order(Inner Builder)) Equal to (Order(stop))
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    Kinda Unrelated: -----Ignore this post-----
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    thx a lot guys. looks like i need to do some leak research... EDIT: Wait, I cant find "Current order of (<name>)" anywhere, not in Order Comparison either.
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    thx a reply!!! ok 2 things: 1) I guessed that paused was a bad check, but i didn't find an "unactive" or "ordered- stop". 2) where does it leak? and how? I'm not making dummies.
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    Models,questions, and eetc.

    Actually, I read that if you have many misc. questions, that you should keep them in one post. :rolleyes:
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    .... I see that this is a tough subject. Does no one have any clue what I am talking about? :confused:
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    Tower Def. AIs (How?)

    Anyone know a good tutorial that teaches the basics of AI? WorldEdit has an AI feature, but I don't think that it can handle two different "jobs". There are inner TDers and Outer Meleers. I tried to make an AI trigger that basically sais that the Inner CP should build the best towers it...
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    Help me to make an ability of Starcraft

    You mean the faiery dragon (night elf)
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    Unit Enters Region Malfuntion?

    I have a feeling that this is not a coding problem if it is effecting all of the regions that you place. Try looking at all that you have changed before this. If there is anything universal that you changed earlier, I would suggest trying to change it back. Otherwise, I have no clue based on the...
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    Poison: Lost at step 1

    thanks and i see what you're saying but the "Loop...and do (Actions)" is one of those amazing bits that isn't in ROC. + Partial Rep :) Edit: How do you get to "(((Matching unit) has Your Buff) Equal to True)"?
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    [Sci/Tech] Scientists create material one atom thick

    yes and no. What you heard is all there is to it. Almost supernatural, I avoid thinking about these cause it's hard to beleive. Again you must read the His Dark Materials series (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass). These books are pretty advanced because they put this...