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    Item Model Trouble

    Recently I created an item and changed the Art - Model of the item to the Doodad - Corn, as well as one with the Wheat bundle model. I placed the items on the map and some in a hero's inventory, wanting someone to be able to "harvest" crops. Unfortunately, the placed items disappear during...
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    I am working on an ability, Disguise. This ability will use the chaos ability to make the hero into a unit with the model file of a villager (there are going to be many villager units in this map), also this chaos-ed unit wont appear on the mini map, it will have one ability, remove disguise...
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    Quip about Equipments

    I've often been frustrated with the fact that a hero can be simutaniously using three helmets, two shields, and a weapon. I'd like to make it so a hero can only hold one of each type of item. The item types would be: helmet, armor, gloves, boots, shield, one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon...
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    Chaos trouble

    In the map I'm making, I have it so that when a hero picks up a certain item, he is given the chaos ability, turning him into the same hero essentially, only with a different attack. I also have it so that when they drop the item, they are reverted back to their original self...
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    True or False? (an item question)

    Is it possible to have an item change a unit's attack? for example: The default hero's attack is 1-3 dmg, he picks up an item (sword), and his attack become 1-8 dmg, and if he picks up an axe, 1-10dmg And if this is possible, is it possible to have the item change the units attack type...
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    Water Tinting

    Is there a way to change the color of the water for a specific region. For Example, I want my entire map to have blue water, but in a certain region i'd like it to be green
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    sight radius

    Is it possible to make a unit's sight radius decrease when they are in a certain region, and if so, how do i go about doing that? thank you in advance
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    In this map im making u begin by picking a hero from a tavern as your only unit. Each hero has an ability that summons a new hero. I need your first hero to be entirly removed from the game when you this ability, as in you cant rez him and his icon no longer appears in the corner of your screen.
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    Simple Question

    It's been awhile since i've used world editor so please excuse my ignorance. I just created an ability based off of Finger of Death, how can I make it only target living creatures, or in other words, non-undead creatures? thank you
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    Spell Help

    I'm trying to create an aura that effects only enemy units, so that when a unit within range dies, it is resurected under your control. Also, it would be best if the ressurected units' types were changed to undead, but not necessarily needed. Any help will be duely appreciated...
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    Spell Request

    I'm busy working on a map and need a little help figuring out how to do the following spell. Necrovore: Whenever a unit dies within a range of the hero, increase the hero's strength by 5 for 15 seconds (stacks) + Rep and Credit for help
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    Necromancer Spell Help

    I've been working on a necromancer character that has an ability to create abominations. The necromancer gets corpses like a meatwagon and doing so cause an integer variable to increase by one. casting the create abomination spell summons a different creature based on how big the integer is. I...
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    Spell Help

    I am currently creating a Necromancer Hero and have hit a few snags with his spells. The first spell I need help with is called Preservation. Basically take the meat wagon's cargo hold ability and make it into a hero ability with 4 lvls, each lvl increases the amount of corpses the hero...
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    A Portal Problem

    In this map i have been making i have a unit with an ability that summons a portal, which should take it to a different part of the map. To do this i began by making a new custom unit with Waygate as the base. I then changed the model file to the doodad, shimmering portal. I also changed...