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  1. Ioannes

    Windows laptop not detecting any wi-fi networks whatsoever

    What the title says. Cable connection works. However, when I go to my university, absolutely no wi-fi networks show up in the menu in the bottom right. The drivers for the wi-fi dont need updating. I did install a program from the university which was required, I was told, to connect to the...
  2. Ioannes

    Are hairy arms/legs more resistant to mosquitoes?

    Do you think they are or do the mosquitoes still find gaps? Some mammals' fur protects them from biting insects. For example, marsupials in rainforests. Or the African honey badger, which is immune to bee stings.
  3. Ioannes

    "For each integer A/B" - what does that mean and how does it work?

    Any explanations are welcome. :)
  4. Ioannes

    Make a trigger that selects multiple random things

    There's these 6 regions and I could use some help making a trigger that selects at random 2 of them (and creates a building in the center). Selecting one at random is easy but when I try to select two there is a chance that it picks the same region twice :confused: Any help will be...
  5. Ioannes

    Spawning a number of doodads in some regions and then spawning in other regions

    How do you make triggers that spawn a bunch of doodads in 5 random regions out of 6 total? In other words, that one of the regions has no doodads spawned in it... Also, how do you repeat that for another group of regions? This time 2 or 3 total, depending on where a doodad didn't get spawned...
  6. Ioannes

    Ioannes' D2 Strategy Guidance Thread

    Let's just say that I used to read a lot through these last summer: If you have any questions for builds, mf-ing, or lvling, post them ITT and I'll do my best to answer :)
  7. Ioannes

    Firefox fails (not opening the most visited, slow, shows blank pages)(Mac)(4.0.1)

    Hi, guys, My Firefox is acting weird. - Doesnt open Google searches from the top right bar - Doesn't open news links from the drop-down RSS feed menu - Doesn't open Facebook, Gmail, YouTube and a few other frequently visited websites through the normal address bar ...instead, I get ~10...
  8. Ioannes

    RPG Special Randomizable Dungeon Crawl

    Ok, I'm going to make a big dungeon crawl a-la WarChasers. Called Deathtrap Dungeon With Features: - randomizing dungeon route achieved through randomly spawned sets of indestructible barriers so that every game the maze is different There will be possible combinations of obstacles and a...
  9. Ioannes

    Editing Campaign Maps

    The answer is probably "no" but is there a way to modify units in the RoC or TFT campaigns, like re-skinning them, etc.? Through world editor, without bugging with the MPQ files?
  10. Ioannes

    Magic the Gathering hybrid format (by me!)

    Well, if anyone plays Magic, here's some advice Magic: the Gathering is a great trading card game that offers lots of action and fun but it is not perfect. For all the thousands different cards that have been printed throughout the years, MtG's gameplay is still prone to quickly become...
  11. Ioannes

    Sci/Tech Google Unveils Google-Brand Laptops: "The Chromebook" Google co-founder Sergey Brin has hailed Google's new laptops as a "new model of computing". They will be driven via Google's Chrome browser and optimised for the web. His comments came on the second day of the company's developer...
  12. Ioannes

    50th Anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight

    Yays! :D Here's a thread to commemorate it. It's a shame that not many people care. I bet most of them who notice will know from Google's anniversary logo. And yea, there's some shady things around the Soviet space program, like the possibility that Gagarin wasn't their first attempt. But...
  13. Ioannes

    How does hosting on Bnet 2.0 actually work?

    In Wc3: 1. Pick a map file from your Maps folder 2. Create a lobby room that you host 3. The lobby room is put on top of the custom games list 4. People see it among the 15 or so games in that list and join 5. Map is pushed down the list by newly created maps In Sc2: 1. (?) Bnet server...
  14. Ioannes

    Facebook integration? Really a good idea?

    I hate to sound paranoid, but the "Facebook" button may track our navigation throughout the forums. And that bugs me. :/
  15. Ioannes

    Redlettermedia Review of the StarWars Prequels - or rather, autopsy

    Episode I: The Phantom Menace Episode II: Attack of the Clones Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: on his webzone
  16. Ioannes

    [Project] [EU] Battle for Molotovgrad

    I'm looking for a few guys to make an AOS-type map with. Preferably people who know how to trigger, although new mappers can join, too. I myself am a new mapper. The map is called Battle for Molotovgrad and is like a DotA in a dystopian urban terrain. The flavor is alternate-WW2 and there's 2...
  17. Ioannes

    Word and Post Limit on Posts in This Section

    The average post in this section is several paragraphs long. Several paragraphs of opinion multiplied by 10+ equals too much text for some people (:D) to read through before writing anything down. Clearly, this needs a change. In real debating, people have a limited amount of time to speak...
  18. Ioannes

    Tutorial General - Train Campaign Units in Melee Games (Beginner's)

    Basic Tutorial: How to use campaign units in melee games. Suppose you're playing a melee game and you ask yourself what would it be like if instead of ghosts you had spectres. Suppose you want to use the Odin or the War Pigs or simply a Firebat in your melee game with friends or AI. If you...
  19. Ioannes

    Evolution Chamber and Other Build Optimizers

    Looks like a cheese factory.
  20. Ioannes

    Fixed Player Positions

    In Wc3's custom maps you could check the "Fix Player Settings" box and once in the game room you could navigate around the players' spots. For example, in a tower defense, you could pick your location. In Bnet2.0 I have not found a way to do that. Please someone tell me there is one :(...