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  1. cr4xzZz

    Terrain Deformation and FPS

    From these two examples which one would reduce fps less than the other? Which would be with better performance or will they be the same? - Terrain deformation through multiple thunder clap/war stomp periodically - Terrain deformation through TerrainDeformCrater again periodically
  2. cr4xzZz

    Wand of Illusion order id?

    What is the order id/string of Wand of Illusion?
  3. cr4xzZz

    Handle - ?

    Could someone give me the full definition of a handle (in other words - what is a handle)? And why is leaking handles bad? What does it affect when you get above 8191?
  4. cr4xzZz

    Terrain deformation not working.

    I tried to make a trigger that periodically changes the terrain on the map, but for some reason it's not working at all... What have I done wrong? :\ EDIT: Answered and fixed. scope Deform initializer Init globals private constant real PERIOD = 60. private constant integer SNOW1 =...
  5. cr4xzZz

    Spell causes horrifying lag

    I created a spell based on Soul Burn and triggered the damage, because it has to be based on the caster's attributes. However, on cast the game bugs and lags for ~10-15 seconds and I can't seem to find the reason. I'm not sure it's in the code, because it has no bugs at all. scope Doom...
  6. cr4xzZz

    Spell Unholy Pervasion

    Unholy Pervasion A spell from my map - Mini Ashenvale Arena. Idea came from Cohadar's Ancestral Spirits, so this is why they look similar. GUI/JASS/vJASS? vJASS. MUI? Yes. Leakless? Yes. Lagless? Yes. (It's normal to lag on first cast) Follows JESP? I couldn't find a way to make...
  7. cr4xzZz

    Spell Summer Storm

    Summer Storm A spell from my map - Mini Ashenvale Arena. GUI/JASS/vJASS? vJASS. MUI? Yes. Leakless? Yes. Lagless? Yes. Follows JESP? It should. Requires? - ABCT v2.0 - JASS NewGen Pack v1.5a Description: Creates a violent summer storm at a target location, causing lightning bolts to fall...
  8. cr4xzZz

    Arena Mini Ashenvale Arena

    Mini Ashenvale Arena Demo available! See the bottom of the post for the map and some info. Genre: (Mini) Arena Players: 10 Teams: 5 Map Size: 64x64 (or 92x92, I can't remember o_O) Introduction: Well, this is my second map that I'm going to release in public. I got inspired by emjlr3's Mini...
  9. cr4xzZz

    PUI Error

    Hey there. I'm creating some sort of casting trigger for my boss on my map but I ran into a little problem with the newest PUI. I'm also using Cohadar's Damage Deteciton system (that requires PUI). I get this error: Comparing two variables of different primitive types (except real and...
  10. cr4xzZz

    Spell [DotA]Time Lapse - JASS

    Somebody requested a JASS version of my GUI Time Lapse, so I decided to make it. I just want to ask when (if) this gets approved, can I move it to the other Time Lapse thread and attach it there so there won't be two different threads? gui/jass/vjass? vjass mui? yes leakless? yes lagless...
  11. cr4xzZz

    Hit op limit in Scopename_Functionname() ?

    This error is shown when I learn my ability: What the hell is op limit? I guess I did something wrong with my code. Anyway, I am trying to make the Time Lapse ability from DotA (moves the Hero 5 secs back in time). The spell uses ABCT and PUI. Gonna submit it later if I find the problem...
  12. cr4xzZz

    Spell Shadow Word

    Shadow Word Really simple spell. Had nothing to do and decided to make it. GUI/JASS/vJASS? vJASS. MUI? Yes. Leakless? Yes. Lagless? Yes. Follows JESP? It should. Requires? - JASS NewGen Pack v1.5a - ABCT v2.0 Description: A single word causes powerful magics to envelop the target. Creates...
  13. cr4xzZz

    Spellbook with Ward Classification

    Hello there. I'm making a few spellbooks that I'll be adding to Heroes with Ward classifications (to remove the move, hold position, etc. icons) but I can't find a way to show ONLY the spellbooks. Is there any possible way with this classification? And yes, it should be Ward, because I'm...
  14. cr4xzZz

    Spell Nature Wall

    Nature Wall A spell from my map - Mini Ashenvale Arena. GUI/JASS/vJASS? vJASS. MUI? Yes. Leakless? Yes. Lagless? Yes. Follows JESP? No. Requires? - JASS NewGen Editor v1.5a - ABCT v2.0 - PUI v5.1 Description: Creates a wall of vines, branches and leaves across the landcape, creating a...
  15. cr4xzZz

    Round System

    I'm making a round system for my map. It has 2 teams with 6 players each. At the beginning you have 2 minutes to choose a Hero and then 1 random Hero from the first team and 1 random Hero from the second team is teleported in the middle where the arena is. Three shops appear and they have 30...
  16. cr4xzZz

    Can this be optimized more?

    I've made a JASS version of Flare's Frozen Orb ability for my map. I think that this could be optimized a lot more but I'm not sure. Uses ABC and TT for trigger and timer attaching. Frozen orb is a Diablo II spell. scope FrozenOrb globals // ability raw code private constant...
  17. cr4xzZz

    System DOT - Damage Over Time

    Damage Over Time System v1.1 This is supposed to be a remake of my DPS system because it was not good enough. So I bring you this fresh new system that allows you to damage a unit for a specific duration every specific second(s) if it has a specific buff. It has a variety of Set and Get...
  18. cr4xzZz

    Dialogs or Hero Taverns?

    I've created a map called Mini WoW Arena (link: and it's still in starting progress. For now I'm using dialogs to choose your Hero class. However, several suggestions were made to use Hero Taverns, so I decided to make a poll so I can know...
  19. cr4xzZz

    Stealth Ability

    Well, it's kind a stupid situation... I can't imagine that this simple trigger can give me problems.... OK, so this spell is based on WW. On cast if there is an enemy in 450 range the Hero cannot Prowl. The problem is that the Hero prowls even if there are enemies in 450 range. I can't find why...
  20. cr4xzZz

    Terrain Raws

    I want all terrain rawcodes (such as Lordaeron Grass, Lordaeron Dirt, etc.) and base terrain strings (Lordaeron Summer, Ashenvale, etc.). I need them because I want to add more tilesets to my map trough NewGen's Extensions/Edit Tilesets Thanks in advance. :) EDIT: weee, 600 posts