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  1. TrustFactor

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Aqua

    trying something new
  2. TrustFactor

    Radiohead Vertical Sig

    something new.. Thom Yorke of Radiohead.
  3. TrustFactor

    Lightning Sig

    Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
  4. TrustFactor

    new one in a long time

  5. TrustFactor

    V for Vendetta Sig

  6. TrustFactor

    Girl With Gun Sig

  7. TrustFactor

    BumbleBee Sig

  8. TrustFactor

    FMA Ed Sig and Inuyasha Sig

  9. TrustFactor

    Alice in Wonderland Sig

  10. TrustFactor

    FMA sig

  11. TrustFactor

    Alien vs Predator

  12. TrustFactor

    Angel Sig

    [new fave]
  13. TrustFactor

    Gaara and Cowboy Bebop Sigs

    gaara cowboy bebop
  14. TrustFactor

    Hellsing Sig

    i took some advice, tell me what ya think
  15. TrustFactor

    Ichigo Sig

    :) this is a bit better then the rest
  16. TrustFactor

    New Sig's

    Nihilius from star wars optimus prime bloodrayne dante from devil may cry vincent from final fantasy [my fav]
  17. TrustFactor

    First Sig

    turned out okay, and it's my first so be gentle :P here is a better one i made [my fav.]
  18. TrustFactor

    Scrambled Words

    On The Road out on the road going on my own learning new things as i go trying to live with the strength in my heart on the road day by day let my legs take me take me on this long journey a journey of no return on the road again time to let this all go i'm on my way now legs, its...
  19. TrustFactor

    TrustFactor's Art

    some old and new stuff new - old -